Growing in popularity within the last few years, Makua Cave has been a goal of ours since we first saw photos around social media. Initially, I disregarded the first few photos as I didn’t realize the location was actually on Oahu (our home island). The view it offers is breathtaking and the pathway looks remote, familiar to the trails Kauai or Hawaii Island offers.

Before you read any further, this is a disclaimer:
It is not a ‘legal’ trail and I would recommend not bringing children. It is one of the more dangerous hikes we have completed as there are cliffs and loose rock along the way. You will be crossing over government property, i.e. trespassing. Makua cave has a few paths that lead to different views, so choose wisely. We went for the quickest/”normal” route.

The best time to go is late afternoon or just before the sunset. Located on the West side of the island, the view point offers one of the nicest spots to witness the sunset. A cautionary tip: If you do head to the cave during sunset, be prepared to bring flashlights (preferably hands-free) as it may be dark while heading down. You will have to climb (by climb I mean using both hands to grab rock or ropes) so a hands-free (headlight) flashlight would be a perfect accessory to carry in a light backpack.




As always, be prepared! Bring enough water and wear appropriate hiking footwear/attire. Although a very quick hike (10-20 minutes to the cave depending on pace), stay hydrated!

Upper Makua Cave
82-180 Farrington Hwy
Waianae, HI 96792


“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
– John Muir

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  1. Jon Auwae

    This is regarding the upper Makua cave hike..
    My name is Jon Auwae with the protectors of paradise. Don’t know if you know about the cultural aspect of Makua or that it’s illegal to hike. But I’ll tell you a bet it federal government property and its littered with unexploded ordinance so the hike is like your playing with your life .. The uper cave is considered sacred by Hawaiians . I humbly ask if you could take down and not advertise the uper Makua cave ..
    Mahalo nui loa