A new Spa treatment always does wonders; it furnishes a physiological, psychological, mental, and spiritual revival. No matter what part of the body, it always provides a great rejuvenation to start a busy week. This past weekend we enjoyed a specific therapy: a facial treatment at Pure Joy Day Spa. A beneficial insight we walked away with was things we can do to take care of our complexion such as: a deep exfoliation with a good facial soap should be done at least once a week, which I’ve added to my routine. The best time to take care of the face is after a warm shower which opens the pores and a quick rinse with cold water after getting out will help the face maintain moisture.


Like any great Spa, the waiting area was nice and cozy. Warm tea awaited us and I have to say, it was one of the best tea’s we’ve had. It wasn’t a traditional tea however, it was liquid drops that made the drink flavor-able. A nicely decorated Christmas tree also added to the welcoming ambiance.

The awards on the walls assures you that you are in good hands.

The tea as before mentioned.


e4608c0d4d4abb90101f3c1fcf2a8d82This wasn’t our first Spa experience but it was our first facials together. The details are a little fuzzy as we both fell asleep during our relaxing treatment but provided below is the link in which describes what is performed. The most enjoyable part has to be the fact that it didn’t feel like a “facial” per say. Instead, it felt like an upper body massage. As a male, I took my shirt off and received a mini shoulder and neck area massage. At the same time of the gentle massage, a steam machine was lightly breezing on my skin opening up facial pores. The masseuse proceeded to rub oils that produced marvelous aromas throughout the regimen. From here, I would be lying if I said I didn’t fall asleep so I can’t necessarily elaborate on what went on after that.

Each experience is truly unique, but will most likely follow a general routine. As each person has different agitations and skin types, my facial ended with a warm cloth while Mary’s ended on a cold note (which she says was much better than a warm cloth). Some liquids applied to my face worked better for me while other massage techniques and processes benefited Mary. It’s the details that made this experience exclusive.
To put it briefly: Man or woman of any age deserves a facial from Pure Joy Day Spa! It’s a great gift for your loved ones too!

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Pure Joy Day Spa
705 S. King St. Ste 100
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 532-7873

Thank you to Pure Joy Day Spa for hosting our facial treatment. All opinions are entirely our own. 


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