The U.S. is a massive country full of all kinds of different destinations. As such, it often isn’t discussed in broad terms as a place to visit. Every now and then however it’s nice to just look at the best an entire country has to offer. So, having said that, we thought we’d write up one take on the 10 best hotels in the entire country.

1. Montage Kapalua Bay – Lahaina, Hawaii

Choosing a hotel in Hawaii is very difficult. It’s one of the most popular destinations in the U.S., and thus it’s a hub for resorts and hotels of all different kinds. Montage Kapalua Bay is commonly regarded as one of the best, however, and with good reason. It’s a sensational hotel near Kapalua Beach, known for big open windows and dining areas, fine dining on site, and pristine surroundings.

2. The Jefferson – Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is about as far a cry from Hawaii as you could get, but it is similarly packed with wonderful hotels because it’s such a common spot for travelers. There’s no true consensus about which one is best, but The Jefferson is definitely high on the list. Indeed at least one publication has ranked it the best, suggesting that since the ‘20s it has been providing a taste of European luxury in the heart of the U.S. capital. That’s an appealing description, so we’ll leave it as is!

3. XV Beacon – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, too has many options, and XV Beacon stands out. Describing itself as a “luxury boutique hotel,” it nearly gives you the feeling that you’ve simply purchased space in an incredibly upscale condo building in the heart of Boston (on one of the nicer streets in the U.S.).

4. Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay – Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay in California is the very picture of Pacific relaxation. A place for beaches and seaside cliffs, it’s no wonder it’s come to be the location for one of the best hotels in the country. Ritz-Carlton is of course a chain, so it doesn’t always come across as the most unique place to stay. Here, however, you’ll find a resort that intimately involves the surrounding country. Openness and beautiful views are emphasized, and rooms can feel almost like they’re upscale cottages you’ve rented by the sea.

5. The Plaza – New York, New York

Everyone should visit New York at some point, and we’ve written before about what you should do when you’re there. Choosing a hotel can be very difficult however, and you may as well aim for the top. The Plaza is the most famous hotel in the city (if not the country), and is still among the finest. Its location, history, and enduring luxury are simply hard to beat.

6. Primland – Meadows Of Dan, Virginia

Primland is a little bit different, but it gives you a terrific opportunity to enjoy an unsung corner of beauty in the U.S. The resort is nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, and appears like a standalone mansion in a field in a valley. It’s traditionally a golf retreat, but makes for an awesome place to relax (or potentially enjoy a honeymoon or romantic getaway) as well.

7. Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada

If there’s one place in the U.S. as challenging as New York and Hawaii when it comes to picking just one hotel, it has to be Vegas. The entire reason the city is famous is that its famed “Strip” has many of the world’s best and most entertaining resorts. But Caesars Palace still holds a unique charm, combining luxurious rooms and amenities with pure fun. One article ranked it as the third best casino in the entire world, describing it as a Roman-style luxury hotel complex. It shouldn’t be missed.

8. The Langham – Chicago, Illinois

Located on N. Wabash Avenue in the heart of Chicago, The Langham seems to have as good a claim as any establishment to being the most highly regarded hotel in the States. At least it’s usually near the top of rankings. A clean, luxurious skyscraper with excellent views of the city, it’s just perfect in every way – right down to the tiny lights that imitate starlight in the ceiling of the indoor pool.

9. The Lodge At Sea Island – Saint Simons Island, Georgia

The beaches of the Southeast Coast along the Atlantic are perhaps the most underrated general region for US. tourism. The best known part of the region might be the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and Sea Island in Georgia is (geographically speaking) almost similar. However, it’s a little more built up with luxury, and has become known as a golf retreat over the years. Forbes’ travel guide noted that generations of privileged travelers have made Sea Island their top vacation destination – and this resort is the best place for them.

10. Kimpton EPIC Hotel – Miami, Florida

We couldn’t wrap up a list like this without including Miami, which is another of the United States’ most famous places for a luxury vacation. Known for fancy resorts, clubs and restaurants, it’s a great place for a little bit of extravagant indulgence, and no place better captures the spirit than the Kimpton EPIC Hotel. Located downtown and right on the water, it seems like the sort of place that only exists on a film set.

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