After you’ve had your cup of coffee, it’s time to head up to North Shore. The question then becomes what do I do?! If you don’t know, here’s something we’ve come up with to help you along!

TIP: Rent a car. You will be doing multiple things across the North Shore and it’s no walk in the park.

Visit Dole Plantation


Depending on the time you head up, Dole Plantation may not be open but be sure to at least stop by once. What was once the largest outdoor maze in the world, has fresh fruits and some things to snack on as well. Their ice cream is great after a long day in the sun and waves.

TIP: Taste their dole pineapple whip!

Shop at North Shore Marketplace / Haleiwa Town



So you didn’t get coffee or breakfast wasn’t great. The Haleiwa store lots offer fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on our head around the corner for a warm taro bagel with locally farmed jam. Another great reason to stop here is to also see anything you would like to bring to the beach and snack on to have a little picnic.

Have a Refreshing Shave Ice or Acai Bowl

North Shore is known for its famous Shave Ice by Matsumoto or Acai Bowl by Haleiwa Bowls. If there happens to be a long line, there are other spots around North Shore that offers Shave Ice and Acai Bowls as well.

See the Turtles at Turtle Beach


You know you’re entering north shore when there are people crossing the street and a crowd on the left side of the road. That first beach…is most likely Turtle Beach. The Honus (turtles) bask underneath the warm tropical sun on the beach throughout the year. It’s hard to miss this stop – first beach on the left!

Swim at Waimea Beach


You’re full from a local acai bowl, satisfied with seeing a live honu, now you’re itching to get into the cool Pacific waters! The next nicest beach to visit is Waimea.  It gets crowded here on the weekends and the parking has about 20-30 stalls only. You’re allowed to park on the side of the road when you’re heading down hill or park by the church which is passed waimea beach – $5.

Snorkel at Sharks Cove


“Hey, I didn’t see any sea life!” Well, after Waimea is this peaceful little inlet called Sharks Cove. Don’t worry, it’s just a name. There are no sharks here. However, a great place to see small fishes and beautiful coral.

Eat Garlic Shrimp at a Shrimp Truck


Abundant different food trucks are parked along just about every mile of road, ready to serve you freshly cooked shrimp plate! These shrimp plates are famous worldwide and it would be a shame if you didn’t at least visit one. Our favorite is Giovanni’s!


There are few activities to do up North as well. Surfing, kayaking, ziplining and skydiving are some things they have to offer. We like to go with:



We’ve ziplined almost at every place we’ve traveled to and having one by Climbworks in our backyard is amazing! We’ve gone here for twice and we love it so much.

Shark Cage Diving


IF YOU DARE – dive into the deeps with an ancient predator, The Mano, AKA shark. These sharks aren’t too aggressive so do not fear. You are in a cage that provides protection as well. North Shore Shark Adventures offers a great shark adventure!



If you feel like falling with style, Skydiving is the choice for you! We think the best time to skydive is late afternoon time, sunset preferably.

Now that we’ve covered the beaches, eateries, and activities… It looks like you are ready to go! Have a great time up on North Shore! You’ll definitely have a great time!

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