There are a few afternoon tea spots on Oahu, and I would love to try each one of them. So far, we’ve experienced an afternoon tea at The Veranda and a Father’s Day afternoon tea at Tea at 1024. The next one on the list is the MW Restaurant. If you’ve been wondering if you should try the afternoon tea here, maybe this can help you decide!


MW Restaurant hosts an Afternoon Tea every 3rd Sunday each month. From 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and for $40 per person, you get a taste of MW Restaurant savory and sweet bites with a choice of one tea. I highly suggest making a reservation for their Afternoon Tea or for any dining experience at MW Restaurant since it’s always crowded. Also, parking for MW Restaurant is valet or street parking.


Once you’re seated, they present a menu of what’s included in their Afternoon Tea. Each month varies what’s on the menu. The menu makes it easier to know what we’re tasting, but the waitress walked us through with every plate they serve.



Each person is to choose one flavor from the menu. They had sencha, lemon mamaki, mango peach, MW chai, lychee acai, Maui earl grey, champagne rose, jasmine pearl, sakura sencha, and strawberry hibiscus shiso iced tea.

The teas pictured above are Lychee Acai which is served hot and Strawberry Hibiscus Shiso Iced Tea which is served with ice. I loved both flavors, and I love that they had an option of iced tea!


One of my favorite things about an Afternoon Tea is freshly baked scones! We were served berry scones with clotted cream. If you’ve never had clotted cream with scones before, you are in for a treat!




After the freshly baked scones, we were served the savory bites. Savory bites include Edamame Mascarpone Mousse, Artichoke and Crab, Green Pea Soup, Twin Bridge Farm Asparagus Salad, Scallop Sausage, Ahi Sashimi, Root Vegetables, and Brandade.


Each person gets one bite of each. It seems small in appearance, but it’s delicious and filling. Each mouthful was savory, full of authentic flavors!


Last but not least, the sweet bites. Sweet bites include Orange Creamsicle, S’amoas Brownie, Waialua Chocolate Pudding, Banana Pudding Trifle, MW Candy Bar, Lemon Meringue Paris Brest, and Cherry Cheesecake Gateaux. Although the sweets look amazing, they were a bit too sweet for my taste; maybe others will like it!


We were also served MW Doughnuts with MW Coconut Chai which was terrific! This was my favorite dessert out of all the sweet bites.

For $40 per person, this Afternoon Tea was equally the most I’ve paid for a Tea session, yet, I would still rate it 4 out of 5 stars. The reason for this is because the desserts were way too sweet. The iced tea flavors were incredible, and the freshly baked scones were fabulous! Even though the bites were small, it was still fulfilling. Overall, a good Afternoon Tea to try out.

For more information on MW Restaurant, visit here.
MW Restaurant on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

MW Restaurant
1538 Kapi‘olani Blvd. Suite 107
Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 955-6505


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