We’ve flown with Alaska Airlines a few times recently. From Hawaii, Alaska Airlines has been offering quite the deals under $500.00 USD, round trip. We flew with Alaska Airlines to New York City, San Diego, and our latest destination, Alaska. Being that we’ve experienced the airlines a few times, we wanted to share our experience and hopefully, this helps you plan your next trip by possi traveling with Alaska Airlines.


Service: Alaskan Airlines fly to over 100+ domestic and foreign destinations. With all of our flights with Alaska Airlines, the service has been amazing and the staff will go above and beyond – customer service is not dead people! Also, whoever is in charge of their social media handles are great with answering questions right away! So pleased with an airline who is up to date with this generation.


Luggage: Alaska Airline allows two personal carry-on for free; one to fit under the chair in front of you and another one on the overhead bin. We brought our Genius Pack carry-on suitcase and a backpack. A great thing about Alaska Airlines carry-on policy is that there are no restrictions on weight but only requires that you’re able to carry it yourself. If you’re checking-in a luggage, it’s $25 each way for the first two bags.


Aircraft + Boarding Process: Inside look of the aircraft. The plane we went on had six seats in a row, divided into two sections in the main cabin. The process of boarding was quick and went by pre-boarding zone (Customers needing assistance or additional time to board, including families with car seats or strollers.), premium boarding zone (Delta One customers, First Class customers, Diamond Medallion members), sky priority boarding zone (Platinum Medallion members, Gold Medallion members, Delta Comfort+ customers, Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members, Virgin Australia Platinum and Gold members, GOL Smiles Diamond members, SkyTeam Elite Plus members), zone 1 (Silver Medallion members, Priority Boarding Trip Extra customers
Gold, Platinum, and Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Card members, Flying Blue Silver members, Virgin Australia Velocity Silver members, GOL Smiles Gold members, Sky Team Elite, Crossover RewardsTM SPG Platinum members, Capital One World Mastercard cardholders), Rows 20 and higher, then the last boarding is the rest of the seats.


Organization: Alaska Air is so organized and well thought out! At your eye level, you see these eye-catching phrases. Way to go to whoever designed these for Alaska Air! Amazing Benefits? Yes, please – definitely an eye grabber and dove right into that catalog. Which talked about the amazing benefits of signing up to their credit card. In front of that is the Alaska magazine. Also, the other catalogs were so organized in order such as Safety, Wi-fi & Movie, and Food & Drink. I love that you can see which catalog you’re grabbing – definitely catering to the passengers!

Individual outlet charging station for each seat.


Entertainment: As soon as I sat down, I noticed the outlets at the seat. Alaska Air does not have seat-back or overhead entertainment. They offer “digE Players” for $10 each to rent for the flight or you can download the “GogoEntertainment” app to watch movies they offer during the flight if you have your own phone, iPad, or laptop. They have a multitude of movies and shows available to watch, along with games to play and music for your ears. Landon was fully entertained the entire flight watching movies on his iPad provided via the “GogoEntertainment” app.

Plenty of leg room!


Free Biscoff cookies for every flight and complimentary drinks.



Food: They serve biscoff cookies and a complimentary beverage (refer to the first drink menu for the list of free drinks) but sometimes cookies are not enough for the entire flight. Usually, we try to stay away from purchasing food during flight because cost more than what it’s worth, in my opinion. With Alaska Air, all of the food choices are less than $10! The food selection for the economy is out of this world. One of the most amazing meals I’ve had on a plane. I ordered the miso ginger chicken on one flight (which I ate too fast before even taking a photo of, it was great) and the signature fruit and cheese platter on another flight. For only $7.50, it had a lot of cheese and crackers! I was very satisfied with that. Landon got the Kid’s Choice, for only $6 – you get everything listed! How amazing is that – he was super happy! Keep in mind that some items are available for order depending on your destination (refer to the food menu)

Heading to Hawaii? They’ll offer Mai Tai’s for adults! Alaska sure knows how to welcome you with a tropical drink!


We are such happy customers with Alaska Airlines that we already booked our next getaway! If you’re looking to experience a flight with Alaska Airlines – here’s a full list of their destinations.

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Would you fly with this airline again? YES!!

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