Alyeska Aerial Tramway was recommended by our family to visit. We followed their advice and decided to check out this place, plus it’s seemed like a nice-safe family experience. The drive from Anchorage to Alyeska resort was worth the drive in and of itself so even if you can’t make it to the resort, the drive has phenomenal views!! We stopped a few times along the way just to take in the scenery.


Once we parked at Alyeska Resort, we walked towards the ticket booth to get our tickets for the Tram. We purchased the tram ticket alone. We highly recommend getting the dine & ride ticket instead because most likely when you’re up at the top, the ambrosial aroma will draw you in making you want to eat and drink something from their menu. It’s a great place to eat lunch and enjoy the scenery.

If you decide not to purchase the ticket, there’s still a way to get to the top. You can do a half-day hike without paying the price! There were even some hikers with their dogs!


Once you get your ticket or decide how you’ll get up to Mount Alyeska, then you’re ready to go! Mount Alyeska is 2,300 ft. in elevation, and it takes 3-7 minutes using the aerial tram from the base to the top. During the winter, this is an excellent place for Skiing! According to a Condé Nast Traveler, Alyeska has the best view of any U.S. Ski Resort.


The ride as mentioned takes about 3-7 minutes. There were two trams and each tram can hold about 60 people. In the summer, it takes 7 minutes to go up and during the winter, 4 minutes. It is slow for scenic rides and fast for powder days. While going up, there was ample time to enjoy the natural panoramic beauty of Alaska and capturing it the best we could via our devices. It was breathtaking going higher than the clouds and heading up to the crisp mountain air!


While we were on the tram, we saw a few people hiking with their dogs, such a perfect hike to the top!




Once you get to the top, you can enjoy the outdoors. Usually, this would be a ski resort area with snow activities, but since we visited before winter time, we just explored around. While there were no snow activities during the time of our visit, we still saw a fresh layer of snow! Landon played in the cold and, of course, loved it! Also, at the top is the Bore Tide Deli restaurant – it’s a great place for lunch and to watch the sunset.



Alyeska aerial tramway is a great activity for the family whether in the summer or winter. It is more enjoyable in the winter for sure, especially for those who are skiing and snowboarding. But if ,you’re there to hike or dirt bike it, it’s best in the summer. We can’t wait to go back during the winter time!

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