In almost every post the adjectives to describe our recent trip to Australia is “Beautiful, wonderful, amazing…” etc. and in reality, maybe there are no better words to describe the special experience we had. To get a better picture of how we explored we’ve put together the perfect itinerary. Although we didn’t get to see everything Australia has to offer (like the famous Outback), we still felt accomplished in the short amount of time. Hopefully this will help you all and get the best out of your trip!


Sydney: Day 1 to 4

Landed in our Airbnb in Sydney at night time.

Day 1: First full day in Sydney, Australia and headed straight to the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. We watched the sunset at Royal Botanical Garden which is right next to the Sydney Opera House. Best view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge together from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair!

Day 2: Visited Taronga Zoo then straight to Bondi Beach for sunset. Also saw the iconic Bondi Icebergs Pool.

Day 3: Early morning start and headed to the Blue Mountains to see the famous Three Sisters.

Day 4: One of our favorite days was spent at Manly Beach. Where we swam at a public rock pool and went surfing!

Where we stayed: Airbnb in Newtown.

Transportation: Public transportation using the Opal card.


Gold Coast: Day 5 to 9

Day 5: Flew into Brisbane and hung out with our international friends at a shared Airbnb. Did some grocery shopping and had a home cooked meal. It was also storming during our first, check out the video here.

Day 6: Aquasplash in the morning and finally the reason why we traveled to Australia, IP Ball 2016! Met some amazing people and had a great time at the SkyPoint Observation Deck.

Day 7: After a fun night, we started the day a little later and decided to visit Tamborine Mountain, turning out to be one of the craziest adventures of the trip.

Day 8: Our last full day was spent at Byron Bay beach and a beautiful sunset at the Byron Bay lighthouse.

Day 9: The last few hours of our stay was spent at Currumbin Wildlife in the morning to pet the Koalas and feed the Kangaroos before our late flight back to Hawaii.

Where we stayed: Airbnb in Gold Coast shared with friends. 

Transportation: Rental car shared with friends.


Hope this provided a quick guide to things you can possibly do on your stay in Australia! Best of luck on your planning and wish you the safest of travels. Thanks for reading!

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