A new shabu-shabu restaurant opened on East Honolulu! We were excited to head over for lunch because it’s our first time doing a hot pot dining! Cafe Asia is located at Niu Valley Shopping Center with plenty of free parking space available!

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by Kylee Lin, owner of the restaurant. She informed us that the chef is her husband, Chen Pan and walked us through the menu. The menu had appetizers, shabu-shabu items, side orders, dessert, and drinks!

Daily Hours: Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Dinner 4pm-9.30pm
Happy Hour: Monday-Friday from 4pm-6pm
Check out Cafe Asia menu, here.


The restaurant has a perfect ambiance for family and friends! It’s a very open space with loads of seating. Each table has a portable butane stove, chopstick, two ladle spoons, soup spoon, and bowls.

Cafe Asia

Cafe Asia


Cafe Asia offers an array of drink choices from beer, refreshing cocktails, shochu, wine, sake, soft drinks, and tea. We started off with their refreshing cocktails: Lilikoi Iced Tea and Lychee Mojito, $8 each ($6 during Happy Hour).

Cafe Asia
Plantation Iced Tea (Gin, rum, black tea, pineapple & lilikoi juice) and Lychee Mojito (Rum, lychee juice, sprite, lime juice & mint) / $8 each


Cafe Asia has some great appetizers to choose from: We ordered a few and they were all delicious! We could’ve ordered more but our main focus was to try their shabu-shabu before feeling to full. Each hot pot is filled with an aromatic broth that’s decorated with fresh ingredients. First, we picked our broth (Coconut Curry and Kombu Miso Vegetarian). There are 11 broths to choose from and all of their broths are made with no peanuts and no msg! We then picked two shabu-shabu set (Mixed Vegetables Set and Seafood Mix) with a side order of the USDA Ribeye Prime. They delivered the broth and sets to our table. Being that it was our first time at a shabu-shabu restaurant, we added everything once the broth started boiling. But that was not the right way to cook! Kylee gave us tips for first-time goers:

Tip #1 – Once the broth starts boiling, add the vegetables. Harder vegetables like carrots will take longer to cook, while leafy vegetables tend to cook more quickly. Then take out the vegetables once it is cooked.

Tip #2 – Next, add the seafood and let it cook. For the meat, swish the pieces lightly through the broth or submerge briefly. Cook only enough one or two meat slices at a time, rather than cooking everything at once – it’ll take longer.

When all is cooked and smelling ambrosial, remove it from the pot and dip them into their homemade ponzu and sesame sauce. With every shabu-shabu, you’ll get a bowl of white rice. We requested for the mixed grain rice ($1 extra), it was so good!

Cafe Asia

Cafe Asia
Top: Cafe Asia Pot Stickers (4) (pan fried pot stickers with pork, zucchini & whole shrimp) – So delicious with the whole shrimp! / $7.95
Cafe Asia
Bean Sprouts & Shishito Pepper (stir fried bean sprouts & shishito pepper with garlic, chili oil & balsamic vinegar) / $6.95
Cafe Asia
Crispy Salmon Roll (2) (deep fried salmon & cheese roll topped with tobiko) – Highly recommend tasting this! / $5.95

Cafe Asia

Cafe Asia
Option B: Shabu Shabu Set – Seafood Mix (salmon, shrimp, calamari, mussels & scallop) served with tofu, mixed vegetable, rice & a choice of udon or ramen. A bowl of white rice unless special request for mixed grain rice for $1 extra / $22.95
Cafe Asia
Option B: Shabu Shabu Set – Mixed Vegetables Set (Vegetarian) served with tofu, mixed vegetable, rice & a choice of udon or ramen. A bowl of white rice unless special request for mixed grain rice for $1 extra / $15.95
Cafe Asia
USDA Ribeye Prime / $13.95

Cafe Asia


We can’t forget about dessert! Cafe Asia offers gelato in different flavors and fried ice cream. Can you guess which dessert we went with? Fried Ice Cream? YES! The Fried Ice Cream is vanilla flavored served with fresh berries, whip cream, and chocolate syrup. Broke da mouth! In other words, it was really delicious!

Cafe Asia
Fried Ice Cream with vanilla flavor served with fresh berries, whip cream & chocolate syrup / $6.50

We had a lovely lunch at Cafe Asia and enjoyed experiencing shabu-shabu. Now that we learned how to properly cook on a hot pot, we’re excited to be back and show our family. With the kids and dessert menu, Landon would absolutely love it!

For more information, visit Cafe Asia.
Cafe Asia on Instagram and Yelp

5724 Kalanianaole Hwy.
Honolulu HI 96821

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