Their empire is vast. Their rule has existed since 1923 and draws a worldwide influence in even the most rural places. Disney has a total of 11 (at the time of writing this) theme parks worldwide with 2 being in Japan: Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea. Although, they are both in “one” location; think of it like the first park opened by Disney in California – Disneyland and California Adventure. Within Disney Tokyo, there are 7 themes throughout the park, all relating to oceanic ambiences: Mediterranean Harbor (main entrance), Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

_MG_2681The globe upon entering DisneySea.

DSC08064The “port-of-call” or main entrance of the park is the Mediterranean Harbor. It is mimicked off of an Italian port city. The mountain in the foreground is Mysterious Island.

DSC08065They have a Tower of Terror but with a different reason as to why it’s “haunted”. (SPOILERS?) Long story short: A wealthy billionaire goes around the world, steals a bunch of ancient relics and ends up haunting his own hotel due to a angry spirit. The vengeful spirit is from a stolen relics who trapped the billionaire thief’s spirit in the tower.




DSC08084The Mysterious Island and in the surrounding area is Port Discovery. We ate in here. There are also snack shops and a gift shop here (the globe looking building to the left, above the submarine).

DSC08089Awesome feature of this digger – the drill was rotating as if moving further to the center of the Earth.


DSC08153Home of The Little Mermaid (Mary’s favorite Disney theme/movie/princess) – Mermaid Lagoon. Here you can take pictures with Ariel and even watch a live action show (in Japanese) of the Little Mermaid.


DSC08167The Lost River Delta – You’ll find the famous Indiana Jones ride we all know and love except this one is just a LITTLE different, about 2 things have changed on the ride. (SPOILERS?): It’s not Medusa that stares at you in the beginning and there are gut wrenching, scary ass screams that would make any one shudder. It’s titled Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

DSC08158The Arabian Coast, featuring none other than Aladdin (one of my [Reid] favorites growing up). This place was my favorite at Tokyo DisneySea. There is a live action show of Aladdin (shortened), also in Japanese but entertaining enough for us foreigners to understand the story. The story/play is in 3D.


DSC08179The final part of DisneySea is the American Waterfront featuring a paddle steamer boat (mimicked off The Delta Queen) and New York Harbor. We were unfortunately unable to capture photos of the mentioned area. (Picture above is part of the Mediterranean Harbor)

Like all Disney parks, DisneySea is great for families. The Japanese have really stepped up their game here as it transported me into a new world, a water world. Being from Hawaii, I love water so it definitely made me feel comfortable and had a home vibe to it. Although, it had no Hawaiian theme or tropical theme. The only thing that comes close is Mysterious Island only because the word “island” is in the title. Overall, if you’re a Disney lover, DisneySea will not disappoint.

Watch our Disney Sea Vlog!

Tokyo Disney Sea
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