Today, we tried out, for the first time, a full face snorkel mask by Sharklens. This is a game changer. When we first saw a similar type of mask in a Kickstarter phase we were highly interested in them. Sharklens brings the stylish look of a James Bond tool while being extremely compatible with underwater marine viewing. It looks cool. It feels comfortable. Best of all, it gives you full range viewing without the hassle of hurting your mouth like traditional mouthpieces.


Don’t let my face scare you! It was bright and I couldn’t hear Mary. The padding, straps and small nasal cushioning make the face mask even more comfortable. When you get the perfect adjustment for your face, the mask closes out any excess water from entering.



Another really convenient design is the GoPro mount; there’s no need to worry about holding it. Just press record or leave the 1-second shot setting on and swim away!


Although Landon is 10 and needed help, Mary and I still needed assistance with getting the mask on. Have someone help you to make sure you are comfortable and it fits correctly. When first jumping in, water leaked into the mask. On the second attempt, the straps were pulled so tightly that it began to hurt face. Finally, on the third attempt, I got it to fit perfectly with no complications (Landon loved it from the start as far as fitting; it worked well for him).




The snorkel attaches to the face part, making it one solid mask. Be sure it’s on tight! Landon didn’t get his on tight enough and ended up swallowing a bunch of water. It’s not a cheaply made, or dangling mask like you’d purchase at a convenience store.


I’ve mentioned the pros, now to be authentic to our viewers, here are some small cons:
It does take awhile to get it adjusted correctly to your face and is troublesome when water gets in – it was bothersome having to take the mask off fully if your face got itchy or a bit of water got in but in reality, this goes for any underwater diving mask I have tried/owned. Water will always seep in some how, some way. Sharklens aids this by funneling the drips and allowing you to blow out through the mouth which releases it through their “no-water-in” designed snorkel. It works like any other dive mask but offers more to the recreational diver as far as hands-free observation and 180-degree field of view.


Overall, we loved our Sharklens! We aren’t just saying that either: the pros outway the cons tenfold and just by looks alone beats the ‘standard’ snorkel gear. It’s a top-notch-quality built utility for the water and we even recommend purchasing one for your packing list if you are on the fence about whether or not to buy a mask for your trip, Sharklens is the way to go. If you’re a resident, it’s time for an upgrade!

The cheapest masks we’ve seen in a store goes for around $20-$25USD but trust me, from experience, you’ll regret using a cheaply made one especially if you are planning to use it all day for multiple days – it can end up creating open cuts which burn in the salt water. It can become very uncomfortable. Right now, Sharklens is on sale for $45 making it the most affordable face mask on the market! It’s entirely worth it, no question.

Disclaimer: Sharklens gifted us our own face snorkel mask but we will always share our honest review to our readers.

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