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Fitness is a lifestyle. This is something we believe in and have incorporated on a daily basis. When BabbleBoxx reached out to partner with them and feature a fitness-themed box, we happily agreed to do so because it is something that resonates with us and our lifestyle.


Being able to collaborate with brands like BabbleBoxx gives us the opportunity to not only try new products on the market but also share our honest thoughts with you, our readers. Whether the products are new to us or not, we’ll be able to share our experience and useful information. In this box, we were able to try out 4 different products.


Let’s dig in !

BabbleBoxx Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray

Tiger Balm: Active Muscle Spray

Tiger Balm is something we’re familiar with. A product once used by our parents growing up, we’re now using it. Not only is it effective for relieving muscle aches, it also has a very soothing smell (mint). Although we’re familiar with the product, this is the first time we’re using the spray function. This made it very easy to use and perfect for areas that are hard to reach!

BabbleBoxx AfterShokz Trekz Air

AfterShokz: Trekz Air

We’re always listening to an audiobook or music so having headphones is a must when we’re hiking or working out. One thing I noticed about the AfterShokz headphones is that it’s an open-ear headphone. I had no idea these things even existed! It’s so much more comfortable than other earphones. Also, being that it’s an open-ear headphone, you’re able to hear the music without having to mute the world. Some people prefer to hear what’s going on around them, like me. If you’re interested on getting these headphones, get $55 OFF when using Discount Code: BABBLE | Promotion ends 11/1/18.

BabbleBoxx CELSIUS Original Line Sparkling Kiwi Guava

BabbleBoxx CELSIUS Original Line Sparkling Kiwi Guava

CELSIUS Original Line: Sparkling Kiwi Guava

It’s our first time tasting CELSIUS. After drinking it, we immediately searched where we could purchase it! It’s rare to find a great tasting vegan fitness drink. It claims to increase the ability to burn body fat and calories! With zero sugar and only ten calories, this sure looks like our new go-to healthy energy drink! It’s a thousand times better than any other energy drink in the market.

BabbleBoxx GO Comfort Insoles

BabbleBoxx GO Comfort Insoles

GO Comfort Insoles

GO Comfort Insoles is a product I’m proud to use throughout our travels. Prior to traveling to Europe, having extra comfort for my feet was the main concern with all the walking we’ll be doing. GO Comfort Insoles is a lifesaver and would recommend it to anyone that is always on their toes. The best thing about it is that it’s available in different types such as All Day Insoles, Work Insoles, and Athletic Insoles. Head over to Go Comfort Insoles and take advantage of the 20% off + Free Shipping! Use Code: “GOCOMFORTBB20” until 12/31/18.

Have you tried any of these products?! If not, would love to know which you would like to try!

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