Less planning meant more room for flexibility in our schedule when we went to Vancouver, BC Canada, which left us with the opportunity to get touristy! Therefore, we took the open window to go to a local attraction: Flyover Canada. Located at Canada Place overlooking the beautiful harbor, we were able to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the coast; Water planes were landing and taking off, delicious eateries in the vicinity, gorgeous scenery, and dazzling architecture.


As stated above, with the open schedule we took advantage – Thanks to the Vancouver visitors bureau for providing us a passport of activities for the year 2017 – one of the things we crossed off was the Flyover Canada since it is highly recommended.


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The experience: As with most family-oriented attractions, family photos were taken shortly after purchasing tickets in the entryway. After the photoshoot, we entered an introductory area. It was a room with (almost) a 360-degree viewing of what was to expect and rules of the event. Mistakingly, this is NOT the main attraction, as we thought. Thank goodness because that would’ve been a letdown. Fortunately, it wasn’t!

After this small introduction, we entered a massive 3D theatre with rollercoaster type seats (seatbelts mandatory and belongings under the seat in a secure net). Imagine an Imax theatre with functional seats that vibrate and move. Without spoiling the event, it was incredible. It took us over beautiful landmarks and natural beauty all of Canada has to offer. Along with scents, sprays, and movement, it was an incredible experience that has the ability to capture anyone’s (young and old alike) attention.

Initially, I was not impressed. After coming out, I wanted to experience it multiple times! Would I go back? Hell yes. We HIGHLY recommend doing this during your visit to Vancouver. It’s great for the family, a date, or friends!

For more information on Flyover Canada, visit here.
Flyover Canada on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Flyover Canada
201 – 999 Canada Place
Canada, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1, Canada
Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was invited to experience Flyover Canada. All our opinions are honest. Mahalo!



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