In the spirit of gift giving and last minute purchases, this post is directed for the guys out there! In case you’re running out of time and need a quick pick-up item, here are some awesome gifts for your fellow traveling better half!

1. Travel Backpack

Now, a Travel bag is what you make of it. You can purchase a dirt cheap one in a market of a foreign country or purchase an expensive hundred dollar bag. It’s very subjective but I believe it is the most important aspect for a traveler. A decent starting range would be around $40. Anything lower would be compromising the quality, i.e. durability.  Designs vary but as long as they last, go with what best fits the style of the traveler! Here are a few I recommend:
JanSport Backpack | $45
The North Face Backpack – available in multiple colors | $65
Herschel Backpack | $90 to $170


2. Winter Accessories

For starters and it being winter time, any winter accessories is recommended. Such as: beanies, gloves, socks, scarves, warm fuzzy home shoes, etc. These items can be purchased at Walmart for cheap or by brand specific for a more lavish lifestyle. Here are a few samples:
Cozy- moccasin shoes – perfect to switch while on the plane! | $15
Scarf | $40

3. Watch

We all need to know the time so we won’t miss that connecting flight!
Olivia Pratt ‘travel watch’ | $20
G-shock | $79
Nixon – My personal favorite brand of watch | $100

4. Travel Journal (more specifically, a waterproof one!)

In this day and age, most people will be using their tablet or phone to log down highlights of their adventures. However, these things may run out of battery or worse, get wet without a protective case or waterproof insides. If the Army taught me anything, going the classic route of bringing a physical back up journal and pen can be a savior. It can also be very therapeutic. These waterproof journals can range from $7.99 to $90
Waterproof Travel Journal – This one is in between the listed prices | $20
Leather Waterproof Travel Journal – For extra protection, leather journal. Also, pretty bad ass looking! | $90

5. Travel Blanket

Good for on the plane, folded up and used as a pillow, or just protection when visiting those questionable motels.
Micro fleece blanket | $14 to $20
4 in 1 blanket | $30
La Playa blanket – My favorite of the blanket choices | $35

Although I’ve listed five, an alternative that can be worth as low as you want it to be or as luxurious is an adventure. Yes, it sounds cheap but sometimes an experience is worth more than any physical item can provide. A date to a new restaurant or a crazy one such as zip-lining can give you life points!



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