Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for travelers. With its pristine beaches, clear waters, warm hospitality and delicious food, it’s no wonder why it is a top notch spot. However, when choosing a place to stay, most people end up choosing hotels and more recently, airbnb locales. Although there are top notch hotels and resorts, if you are in search of truly escaping from the realities of your world back home, and see Hawaii for what it’s worth through a luxurious lifestyle then head on over to Hawaii vacation rentals.

Choose from over 120 luxurious condos, homes, and apartments of which all offering amazing views. From as little as $625USD a night with capacities researching 12 guests, it’s curious as to why these getaways aren’t more well known.

To put the pricing in perspective, on our most recent trip we stayed at an airbnb paying $900USD per night for 6 people. For a luxurious stay, with Luxury Retreats, that would have included more people for around the same pricing. Had I known, I would have booked my stay with Luxury Retreats instead. It’s more bang for your buck, not to mention how much greater the stay would be.

On Oahu alone, you can choose from over a dozen (13) locations to stay. My recommendations would be Lanikai, Kailua, or North Shore because these are the least areas crowded with tourist (depends on the time of year you travel). If you’re going to go all out, don’t settle for a condo or apartment in town, stay at a location where you will wake up to the sounds of crashing waves or rushing waterfalls along with a sight of beautiful white sand beaches. For the most reasonable deals, travel with a group!

These rentals aren’t just for tourists! Celebrating a graduation, a wedding, bachelor party, family gathering? Book with Luxury Retreats for an even better, more memorable time.

If Oahu isn’t your final destination, have no fear! Luxury Retreats has property available for rent on all major islands (Big Island/Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui). Kauai has a minimum party of two individuals while Maui, Big Island, and Oahu have a minimum of 4-6 guests. This means the more the merrier; bring the whole family and invite all your friends!

Although Luxury Retreats can be found throughout the world, Oahu and, Hawaii State in general, are quite possibly the most unique pieces or property you will ever visit. Have a different experience. Live larger. When traveling to Oahu, experience it like none of your friends or relatives have before by booking with Luxury Retreats. Although there are 13 different locations to choose from on Oahu itself, each location holds up to the same specific standard. That standard is a 5-star accommodation with tropical views and outstanding serenity. With all the real-estate available, it can be difficult to decide what view to spoil oneself with, making it all the better to book multiple stays with Luxury Retreats.

For more information, visit Hawaii vacation rentals.
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