We found ourselves at Herringbone once again. This time, for a weekend brunch. As if Herringbone needed another reason to get us there. Their dinner selection was delicious! Now, with their new addition of weekend brunch, it looks like we’ll be visiting more often! Their menu and ingredients are very different from any other brunch in Hawaii.

Weekend Brunch on Friday through Sunday from 10:30am to 2:30pm

Brunch with our friend, Brooke.


Bottomless Tropical Mimosas – Where else can you mix your own bottomless mimosas? You can choose up to 3 juice flavors from Guava, Mango, Lilikoi, Peach, and Orange. Then, you’re ready to whip up your mimosa! Remember, it’s bottomless, which means they’ll keep refilling your champagne!

Lychee Martini – Anything with lychee tastes amazing! It’s mixed with Kai vodka, lychee, lime, and orange bitters. With a whole lychee in the middle!

Lilikoi Mojito – Mojito is a classic! With Lilikoi mixed in, even better! This refreshing libation is made with Koloa light rum, mint, Lilikoi, lime and lemon.


Ray Ray Pancakes – Pancake is a staple breakfast food, but this specific pancake is spectacular! I’ve never had mochi pancakes before, and I will keep coming back for more! It was that amazing! It was definitely my favorite dish from their brunch menu.

Farmers’ Market Omelet – Such a filling omelet dish filled with delicious locally sourced vegetables. The crème fraiche added a nice touch!

Herringbone Eggs Benedict – I’ve had my fair share of eggs benedict for brunch, as it’s usually my go-to order. With Herringbone’s Eggs Benedict, this is a mixture I’ve never had before. In this dish, we have uni hollandaise, eggs, bacon, sweet bread, caviar, and spinach. Uni and caviar in this mix? Yes! What a savory dish mix with so many different flavors and ingredients!

Chilaquiles – A traditional Mexican dish with a breakfast twist. This dish consists of tortillas, Portuguese sausage, beans, eggs, ranchero sauce, cojita cheese, and crema. The Portuguese sausage was cut thin like fries, making this dish unique. If you’re a fan of Mexican food, highly recommend this for brunch!

Garlic Shrimp & Grits – While I’m usually not a fan of grits, this dish had a great twist! The grits tasted amazing with this delicious colossal garlic shrimp topped with toasted coconut. Oh, so yummy!

East & West Coast – Oysters on the half shell with different sauces to choose from such as kimchee mignonette, apple cider, and spicy cocktail. Oyster cheers is a must during brunch!

Daily Catch MP – Also available for brunch is a daily fresh catch with seasonal farmers’ market vegetables and orange miso glaze.

Everything we had for brunch tasted amazing! Herringbone does not disappoint when it comes to their unique dishes. With a great atmosphere and incredible food, this is the place to be for brunch, lunch, and dinner!

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Herringbone Waikiki
International Market Place
2330 Kalakaua Avenue
Waikiki, Hawaii 96815
(808) 797-2435

Weekend Brunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Mahalo to Herringbone for inviting Wanderlustyle to their brunch preview! 


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