dsc01429Hawaii Food & Wine Festival’s Battle of the Brunch event was held at the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort. Upon entering, we were given one ticket to vote for the best team and another ticket for the best music. Each table had two dishes to present and each team had 2 chefs making the competition even more difficult to choose a winner!


dsc01438As soon as you enter the event, there was a Bloody Mary Bar where you can choose your salt, alcohol of your likings, bloody mary mix, and add your preferred garnishes. Just the like the photo above; very picturesque!

dsc01432After the Bloody Mary Bar, they also had a beautiful spread of the Poke Bar. Local brunch at its finest!


dsc01445Here you can see the Chef Celine Tio and team preparing the meal to begin Battle of the Brunch! This team was cooking up something delicious.

dsc01449Speaking of delicious, this was the winning dish for me! It was focused around the fried making it my favorite! This dish was Longanisa Sausage with quail egg and garlic fried rice.

dsc01457dsc01455In the same team as Chef Celine Tio is Chef Colin Hazama who whipped up this beautiful presentation of Kona Lobster BLT and Kualoa Oyster. Amazing!

dsc01465Next team we had Chef Lee Anne Wong and Chef Sven Ullrich. Chef Lee Anne Wong from Koko Head Cafe made this delicious Rum Honey Kalo Cakes with Big Island fruits, Lilikoi, and Coconut Creme. Mouth watering!

dsc01484Chef Sven Ullrich made this beautiful Big Island Chicken crepe with Taro Coconut Compote and Pitaya Salsa.

dsc01461The last team had this awesome table setting that interested the most guests was led by Chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka and Wade Ueoka. They used the pig as their main recipe and made nine dishes out of it.

dsc01468 dsc01474 dsc01466Out of all the dishes… who do you think won? I gave my ticket to Chef Celine Tio and Chef Colin Hazama with their Longanisa Sausage dish and Lobster Bar. However, Chef Lee Anne Wong and Svet Ullrich took home the prize for their 3rd year in a row! Congratulations!

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Battle of the Bruch was definitely a fun event. I loved being able to taste the dishes and voting for my favorite one. If you enjoy taste testing, this event is definitely for you!

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