The greatest festival visited Hawaii and oh was it glorious! We aren’t talking about a music or food festival, we are talking about a festival full of brew. A celebration developed in the minds of America on Tap catering to local and massive commercial beer brands via Honolulu on Tap.

What is it? Honolulu on Tap is a showcase of locally crafted beer along with some familiar tastes, a splash of live music, and a few good eats, with an abundantly upbeat atmosphere. All in all, a fun time to be had.


Copious smiles were worn upon entering as every person received a “beer cup,” aka, a sampler. It was as if the doors of Walmart were open on Black Friday. Herds of humans scurried to get their cups, along with an informative paper of what vendors were there. No time was wasted.



This particular event was sold out, and this photo essentially sums up the organized chaos. A few lines began to wrap around booths and pillars as the main crowd surged in.


No truer words to be said Honolulu on Tap, good on you!


Every brewery had enough stock to satisfy the different taste palates of the public. New flavors, old flavors, new brands, familiar brands, all were there not only there to cater to the world but to reveal what they were capable of in standing out amongst competition. Like any other event of the caliber, there were good ones, great ones, and mediocre ones. However, maybe it was because we strategically picked the ones that seemed attractive (even of the locally created), or sounded delicious, but all were good, especially that mango flavored beer ;).







We stood in a few lines a couple of times which is another significant aspect of this festival. If you like a flavor, go back for more! However, that is not exactly the best way to approach this type of thing. Trying different flavors and brands may open your taste buds, triggering a craving for a new favorite.


What else is there besides the brewers?


Apart from getting wasted on samples, the music (A local reggae band) provided the perfect sounds, enhancing the overall ambiance of good times.


What is better than drinking? How about drinking games?! The classic competition of Beer Pong was set up along the side of the vendors, as well as Cornhole, and a mini-catapult beer bong. It was a fun way to meet new people while also sampling a few of the nearby Brewers.


Displays, costumes, and artistic designs were all there to help attract you to try samples. Many of the creative scenes ended up forming long lines. It won our minds over.


Although not highly publicized as a food event, the venues offering meals were not dull. They had burgers, fries, baked potatoes, and fun snacks like locally made chips, sweets, popcorn and mochi balls (pictured above) drizzled in sweet taro sauce.


What does beer do? Make people happy! Cheerful people were in the troves at Honolulu on Tap. It’s a great way to meet like minded indivduals.


Have a taste of the new, the old, the unique and experimental flavors of beer. The range is unimaginable as more than one hundred flavors of near and far have gathered for your liking. It’s the place you and your friends will want to be the best time America on Tap comes to town. Your taste buds will thank you, along with your brain!

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