25074914356_7ffc7c850d_bLast year, we piloted our own off-road vehicles in the ATV tour on Kualoa Ranch and it was (and still is) a cherished memory. This past weekend we scheduled their horseback tour which engraved another special moment in time.

It was an early rise as we drove almost an hour to get to our destination. We were part of the first tour of the day which, as much as I regret waking up so early, was entirely worth it.


DSC05665It was a complete change of pace. In comparison to movies: If the ATV tour was a Michael Bay film, then horseback riding is a Romance (think The Notebook). Peaceful, gentle, and scenic. Yes, the ATV tour has some of these aspects but horseback riding takes into consideration the pacing of the tour – we paused so the horses could get some water and have their bathroom breaks – which enabled us to really soak in the surrounding valley. Although we were moving the entire time, it was effortless on our part as the horses were very accustomed to the trails. It was intimate: we just sat there and could look around without worry, taking it all in.

No loud noises (maybe some cattle, but that was really unique and enjoyable), the seating wasn’t uncomfortable believe it or not, and the tour guide was very informative yet, let us enjoy the surroundings and quietness!


DSC05687Cows were all over the place! Curious little creatures. One even crossed our path while we were passing by (watch our vlog for this one!)

DSC05688We were in awe! If you choose to do this Kualoa activity, do it early in the morning for nice cool temperatures and wonderful sunrises.





DSC05729My horse: Kauai


DSC05747Landon loved this. We are very thrilled that kids are allowed on this tour. Landon enjoyed it! He’ll never forget his horse’s name: La’ihu. It was also his first time horseback riding which made it more memorable.

G0143297Reid’s horse: Maui

DSC05758For couples on a Romantic date or a family’s last hoorah to experience Oahu, Kualoa Ranch horseback tour is perfect! A two hour tour was perfect for us (They also offer a one hour tour). Keep in mind this tour is not a galloping, action filled tour but rather a very relaxing, intimate affair. You can experience Kualoa valley like never before and take the most epic pictures on Oahu via the tour! Horseback riding is also Koalas number one attraction and the most profitable ranch in the U.S., according to our tour guide. If you visit Hawaii and looking for a quality experience with your family, this couldn’t be a more fitting adventure.

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Horseback Riding at Kualoa Ranch
49-560 Kamehameha Hwy.
Kaneohe, HI 96744
(808) 237-7321


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