After a BUSY day visiting both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, we headed to our final destination: Horseshoe Bend. This place is probably of the most sought after picture in modern years thanks to the movement of social media. Photographers both professional and amateur can be found a long the cliff side, plotting out the shot in their perfect spot.


The walk is a quick 10-15 minutes.


“The shot”. People from all over the U.S and world travel to get this shot. Well, here it is.




After look over the peak once, the boys were quickly over it and sat down.




Being bold is one thing (taking these pictures) being an idiot is another. Warning: there are NO railings or safety features along the cliff. Apart from signs saying “DANGER” there is no room for error so, if you have younger family members, keep a very tight eye on them. We saw the famous “selfie” pose way too many times that could have ended badly with a miscalculated step: Don’t be THAT person.

Honestly, it was a decent experience. We took our photos and, since the sunset was mediocre at best, departed early. Will we ever return? possibly but I believe this type of thing was a one timer. Although, I think another viewing during a sunrise and (nicer) sunset session would be pretty spectacular in the right conditions. We may have been less impressed because we had a very long day, visiting other sites in the high 90’s.

Cons: can’t fly drones. Crowded beyond belief. No safety features.
Pros: Although I listed no safety features this is also a pro; simply because I love the raw beauty of it. You have the privilege of walking right up to the edge of a sheer drop which is invigorating yet, dangerous.
Another pro? It was on our bucket list.

Should you at least visit once? Yes.

Horseshoe Bend
U.S. 89
Page, AZ 86040

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