Traveling abroad? Need wifi? No problem! 

Staying connected is a huge deal maker or breaker for anyone who needs to be on top of it while traveling.

While we were traveling around Japan, we found ourselves using wifi to look for places to eat, directions for getting from point A to point B, social media, and keeping up with business. Not a day went by where we didn’t need wifi. While we had our wifi in our pockets, there’s definitely other ways to stay connected to the internet.



As mentioned above, we had our wifi right in our pockets while wandering through Japan. We found a great deal on pocket wifi online and we picked it up when we arrived at Narita Airport. Sometimes, paying for the wifi pocket online is cheaper than paying for it at the airport . It’s always best to browse around for great deals on pocket wifi online. Include this while planning for your next vacation abroad.

If you’re wondering about the connection, we had no problem! Although it was a cheap route for wifi, the signal was great! It also allowed us to walk everywhere without having to stay in one spot to get connected.


One of the easiest options is to stay within your network to get data while traveling abroad. We have Verizon and they offer a $10/day extra charge from your existing plan while traveling around the world. Being that it’s the easiest, it may not be the cheapest route.


Traveling to another country? If it’s more cost efficient, you can always buy a local sim card when you arrive in the designated country. With this, make sure your phone is unlocked to be able to use a sim card.


Speaking of staying in a place to get wifi, there are always cafes and restaurants that offer free wifi. Yes, FREE! If you have time to go to a spot and use their free wifi, perfect! The most known places are Starbucks and McDonalds, internationally. If you are unsure if a locale has wifi don’t be afraid to ask around or perform a web search in order to know beforehand.


Most hotels offer free wifi if you’re a guest. Usually, they’ll assign you a password during your stay. If this is your only option for wifi, do all of your planning in your hotel before heading out and exploring the country.


If you found this helpful for your travel, feel free to share! 

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