DSC04319From the designer of the space needle, The Ilikai Hotel and Condominium was Hawaii’s first luxury high rise hotel. A 30 minute walk to the famous Waikiki Beach (approximately 2 miles/3.2 kilometers away) and a quick 10-15 minute walk to Ala Moana Beach Park or Ala Moana Center (at one point the worlds largest outdoor mall), The Ilikai is a sweet spot for any tourist, located at the beginning of Waikiki. Although driving is another alternative to getting around, keep in mind that traffic can back up easily; with all the stop lights and people out and about on the roads, walking is sometimes faster and can be more enjoyable for sightseeing.



DSC04165The open walkway, courtyard-styled Lobby is abundant with comfortable seating and offers free, extremely reliable, Wi-Fi throughout the floor (even extending into the lobby’s neighboring restaurants).

GOPR2100We were blown away upon first entering our room! (Watch our vlog to see our reaction)

GOPR2081The first thing I took notice was the kitchen. I love cooking food (it’s also cheaper while on vacation) so it was a win-win for me with a gorgeous view of Ala Wai Harbor. A coffee maker, family sized fridge, microwave, stove and oven set completed the kitchen area nicely.

GOPR2089The ‘living area’ provided a perfect experience for any movie or game lover through a PS3. A wireless controller comes with the PS3 which allowed us to play, control, and watch anywhere (except the bathroom of course) in the room. Upon checking-in, we received a “DVD-GAME Rental” card which allowed us to rent one movie or game from a ‘Redbox’ styled Kiosk, located in the lobby. Whether movie or game, it was complimentary with the stay. Between this and strong Wi-Fi, the entertainment streams were endless. Landon enjoyed playing games on the PS3 while Mary and I enjoyed the Wi-Fi; connecting 4 devices to the router did not slow down the connection on any gadget.


DSC04402SO many great features of this stay! One being the Air Condition. The A/C is able to drop to a low and steady 64 Fahrenheit / 18 Celsius. If that wasn’t great enough, it comes with a remote! Change the temperature of the room effortlessly, from bed, with the handy remote!

GOPR2098If everything else was was considered mediocre, the view had to have topped it off. We had an impeccable view of the sunset! Rain or shine, it’s hard to be disappointed with the perspective The Ilikai Hotel offers. With an open-room setting, it was easy to observe the sight. The balcony doors also open all the way, making it a great way to feel Hawaiian trade-winds; I want to say it was at least a 10 feet/3 meters wide balcony.

DSC04249Astonishing view of the Ala Wai Harbor.



DSC04300Visit one of two Cinnamon’s Restaurant in Hawaii! Located on the same floor as the lobby, the famous restaurant is best known for their “red velvet pancakes“. We love this place and ate here twice during our stay!

Sarento’s is added to our list of restaurants to try out! It’s located at the very top of Ilikai and the view is mesmerizing. We didn’t get to visit during our stay but will definitely come back soon for a romantic date.

DSC04310The Ilikai also has a fitness center to burn off those Red Velvet Pancakes! It’s open 24 hours for those who enjoy a late night workout. Ku’ai Market is also available nearby (on the lobby floor) to purchase those last minute necessities or cravings.

IMG_2676If you choose not to walk to Ala Moana Beach Park or Waikiki and prefer something closer, the nearest water attraction is Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. It is literally a five minute walk from the Ilikai. During the day it’s great for a quick dip, kayaking, or paddle boarding. It is safe and kid friendly! If you prefer the Pacific Ocean, just follow the path around the lagoon which will lead you to the beach. It also provides a PERFECT spot to see fireworks every Friday night.

The Ilikai has to be one of the best hotels we’ve stayed at in Waikiki. If you love sports, like me, catch the latest sporting events at Buffalo Wild Wings, located right across the street! There are so many eateries within a 2 mile/3.2 kilometers radius, you’ll never go hungry with your stay! The Ilikai Hotel is in a perfect location to begin your wandering of Waikiki!

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Ilikai Hotel & Luxury Suites
1777 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 949-3811

Thank you to Ilikai Hotel & Luxury Suites for hosting our stay. All opinions are entirely our own. 

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