Santorini is the ultimate destination when it comes to instagrammable places. It’s known for its beautiful domes and white surroundings. During our few days stay in Oia, we discovered a few places that were very picture worthy. When we visited, we did not look up places of where to take photos but just stumbled upon them while walking and exploring around. Here are our 8 favorite spots!

1. Oia Castle for Sunset

Byzantine Castle Ruins is a popular spot for sunset photography. This hilltop spot features both the ocean and city view.

2. Oia Blue Dome

While walking through the luxury shops in Oia, there are a few walk ways leading down to the dome, one of them lead to this staircase where it features these three domes. Picture perfect!

3. Akrotiri Lighthouse

Among the oldest lighthouses in Greece, Akrotiri Lighthouse is located on the west most tip of Akrotiri. It’s a quick little walk to the lighthouse, most of the path was paved. The view from the lighthouse is incredible!


4. Amoudi Bay

To get to Amoudi Bay, you can either drive down and park or walk down the steps from Oia village. There are a few restaurants by the bay and a quick little hike. Since we stayed just upstairs (Oia), we visited Amoudi Bay quite often to eat and walk around the area.


5. Fira, Greece

The capital of Santorini. Fira town is one of the busiest and most modern towns in Santorini. It’s where cruise ships docks, more luxury hotels, and shops + restaurants all around.


6. Oia Cross

Church bell, cross and blue domes in the village of Oia in Santorini, Greece. The cross is a picturesque photo but I’ve seen other who go up to the cross to take the photo to another level. It’s not safe to walk to the cross, do it at your own risk. 


RIght behind me is the cross bell. This is the other view!

7. Red Beach + Black Beach

Red Beach is one of the most famous and scenic beaches in Santorini. But it’s dangerous to visit due to the danger of rockfalls and landslides. Black Beach was my favorite with its clear and refreshing water. It was not as crowded as Red Beach and definitely safer to swim.



8. Santorini Doors

Santorini is gorgeous with its blue domes but one thing we noticed was the unique and colorful doors. Especially, doors that lead to nowhere.





Santorini has a lot to offer when it comes to picturesque place. These are our Top 8 Instagrammable Places during our visit in Santorini, Greece. We hope you enjoyed!


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