DSC06729On our visit to Kaua’i, we planned something a little different, pushed our boundaries in relation to fitness levels and quite possibly had the most epic day of 2016, thus far. All in one day, we: kayaked, hiked, ziplined, jumped into a river, saw famous movie locations, swam in those movie locations and swung by rope/ziplined into a watering hole/river pool. This was nothing short of epic. It is the epitome of adventure!

G0013939We first started off with kayaking. Something we’ve done in the open ocean so this wasn’t going to be too difficult. Well, this is true however, it was paddling up against the current and it was 2 MI/3.2 KM; whereas, Na Mokulua was only .75 miles offshore. It got tiring but remember, this is a trifecta of activities, and we were just getting started.



DSC06726After kayaking, we were received by another travel guide and hiked for half a mile, more or less. We don’t really know how far it was but it wasn’t a simple walk in the park. We changed our wet reef walkers for hiking shoes. *tip* – bring extra socks, a pair of shoes you don’t care to wet or an all purpose walking hiking-water shoes; Vibrams are my recommendation. After that little hike, we were able to swing and swim in a natural pool area where Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was filmed.

GOPR3997After about 15 minutes of fun, in the pond, we continued our hike. This next section of hiking wasn’t too bad as all we had to do was hike a minor incline to reach our temporary transportation. Along the way, we found this fresh egg! Kaua’i has a lot of chickens around.

GOPR4136Our tour guide made sure he fed us some history throughout our hike and even made Landon a hat!

DSC06737After our short hike, a tractor was waiting for us. Our stead took us for a bit of sightseeing and to the next activity, zip lining.  It was about a 5 or 10 minute ride but it was enough for us to hydrate, change, and prepare ourselves mentally for the upcoming event.





G0074061Keep in mind that this is not a dedicated zipline tour, it was an outdoor adventure package. Therefore, we only did two ziplines that the company has to offer but they were the highest and longest lines. Another awesome aspect: they let you go backwards, spin, or upside down as the longest line is approximately a 30-45 second ride! (Side note: Outfitters Kaua’i offers a dedicated zipline tour which has 9 ziplines)


DSC06750After walking across a sky bridge and performing two ziplines we changed back into our water shoes and prepared for the next stop, a swimming hole. Here, we jumped in from a high spot (you can see the wooden platform to the left of this picture) and ziplined into this oasis. They definitely saved the best for last, this little ‘waterfall-pool’ was truly the most epic spot (in our opinion). We had about 20 minutes at this last stop, which was short for us because it was too much fun!

Finally, we reached that point, it was time to go home but wait, the exercise wasn’t over. Our adventurous group prepared for the last 1.5 MI/ 2 KM hike/walk, back to the main river where we started the journey. It was basically a huge circle in the forest. Now, this entire experience was awesome and we definitely got our rest that day with the only downside being that we couldn’t stay at those pools longer (we were on a time crunch as another tour group was waiting for us). This single adventure encompassed three activities and enabled us to enjoy most of what Kaua’i has to offer in essence to what it’s known for: Outdoor Adventure. This is the best way to experience Kaua’i, no doubt.

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Check out Kipu Zipline Safari on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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