IMG_4561At least every other weekend, we are in search of new places to eat whether if it’s just us or with friends. Either way it’s always very exciting! This time we went with our best friends to a spontaneous dinner at Livestock Tavern in Chinatown. This restaurant was actually recommended during our Hawaii food tour! Being that it’s located in Chinatown, the parking is limited to street parking. We were lucky enough to find a valet parking $10 all night right next to the restaurant. This parking lot is pretty small so it’s also limited – be there early to get a good spot!

Livestock Tavern has different menus according to the season. When we ate it was during the winter. Therefore, we received the Winter Supper Menu. (We can’t wait to try each season!)



IMG_4556Livestock Tavern ambience is so relaxed. We felt as if we were home, better yet, a home away from home – it didn’t feel like we were in Hawaii. It was an open kitchen; you can see the chefs prepping the foods to perfection. Upon entering, the seating was pretty limited. The main dining room was all reserved. We set behind the wine area by the bar where there’s two tables, luckily one table was open! Those two tables were first come first serve or you can sit by the bar which had about 10 seating. If it wasn’t for the opening we would have had to wait up to an hour or hour and a half – this place gets busy! It’s smack dab in the middle of the city which really brings all walks of life and an environment unlike any others throughout Hawaii. Like previously stated, it’s as if we weren’t in Hawaii and that is a good thing, a unique thing!

Drinks & Appetizers

IMG_4548Grenache NoirDomaine Lafage ‘Cuvée Nicolas’ Côtes Catalanes – France 2013. Nothing like a classic red wine to start off the evening. Our server was very friendly, while pouring wine, he started a conversation about the wine. Having someone educated about the drinks and food of the place is already a thumbs up in my books.

IMG_4570New England Clam Chowder – I was craving for soup and this classic clam chowder topped it off! It was such a perfect start of the night.

IMG_4566Warm BrieCranberry Apple Compote, Walnuts & Toasted Sourdough. This appetizer was the absolute best part of the evening. An appetizer from the chef gods! Oh my. I love cheese, and being that the brie (cheese) was warm, it tasted even better. I will definitely come back for this dish!

Main Course

IMG_4574Herb Roasted ChickenStuffed with Fontina, Spinach & Mushrooms Truffle Yukon Mash. Reid’s dish! The price is quite…well, pricey! However, this was by far the most ‘worth it’ dish I have ever tasted. Tender, melt off the bone Chicken, marinated for hours (yes, hours & hours), along with mashed potatoes and asparagus was literally amazing! Meat lovers, chicken lovers, you need to try this dish as soon as possible! Looking at this picture is making me hungry and if this picture looks good, you know the dish tasted even better! 10/10 must try, 10/10 will come back just for this dish.

IMG_4579Pumpkin Stuffed PastaKale, Walnuts & Brown Butter. This was my dish… Holy raviolis! Brown butter is so delicious! I’m not talking about, yummy it’s white sauce pasta, good. More like, this is the tastiest pasta I have ever tasted in my life, kind of good.. so yummy! I feel like anything with brown butter is the most delightful thing in my mouth. Also, the pasta is stuffed with pumpkin. Once you bite into it, it’s warm inside and flavorful! One of the best pastas I have savored. I can’t wait to go back. Yes, there will be a next time, very soon!

IMG_4587Sea Urchin Pasta – This wasn’t our dish, our best friend ordered this but I got a chance to taste it. It was also my first time tasting caviar; which I was not a fan of. It was a little too salty for my taste. The pasta, however, tasted opposite from my caviar experience. It was quite delicious!

Overall, it was an amazing dinner! If you haven’t tried Livestock Tavern yet, we highly suggest doing so. You will not be disappointed! The food came out perfect and the servers were all so friendly and welcoming. Oahu, specifically Chinatown, has been upgrading their food varieties and new spots. Within the last few years, Honolulu’s Chinatown has gone through many changes such as doing a massive clean up of areas as well as expansions of existing businesses and explosions of new ones. One of these new places is Livestock Tavern but it doesn’t end there! We are coming back to try many more fancy, new places just like this one and of course, hitting up Livestock Tavern AGAIN! We can’t wait!

For more information on Livestock Tavern, visit here.

Livestock Tavern

49 N Hotel St.
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 537-2577

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