One thing we love about our travels is that not everything is planned out; We leave open days where we have free time, and this is the best way to journey, we think. While driving through the city of Vancouver, we saw a restaurant with a long line outside. There were other restaurants around, but this place had a line outside of the door which drew our attention immediately.


Marutama Ra-men is a Japanese restaurant focused on ramen. It established in 2001 from Kawaguchi, Japan, this restaurant is only available in Canada and Asia right now.


When we saw the long line outside, we promptly searched for parking on the street and walked to the restaurant. In front of the door, there’s a paper and pen to put your name down on a waiting list. We immediately thought that with a waiting list outside of the door, this place must be REALLY good!


There’s a menu available outside of the window so while you’re waiting, you can see the choices to order. A one-page menu, simple and comprehensible; we love that. Everything is made in-house: no msg and no preservatives added along with very reasonable pricing.


The kitchen was an open kitchen where you can see the noodles being cooked and prepared. On our table, we had spices and wooden chopsticks for the ramen. The seating in the restaurant is very similar to Japan where it’s very close to each other and tables where you have to sit and face the wall or another person. Also, another thing just like Japan is that there’s a basket next to the table where you can put your belongings.


We got the Pork Fillet on Rice – it looked so good on the menu and good in real life as well. We shared this since we both ordered a bowl of ramen as well.


I got the Original Ramen which has a mild creamy flavor, topped with the well braised Cha-Shu and AOSA. The closest we ever tasted Japan. Not too salty but neither lacking flavor; it was perfect!

Side note: You’re able to choose mild or spicy for your ramen broth. In Japan spicy isn’t that spicy, at least according to us – extra spices and sauces are on the table to mix for your liking.


Mary got the Tamago Ramen which is their signature bowl. It’s similar to the original ramen but this one has a boiled and marinated Ajitama (egg). She loved it and enjoyed the whole bowl!

If you want to taste an authentic Japanese ramen, this place is very close to it. We definitely recommend checking this place out if you can!

For more information on Marutama Ramen, visit here.
Marutama Ramen
780 Bidwell St.
Vancouver, BC V6G 2J6, Canada

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