There is no better way to experience the breathtaking scenery of Sedona, Arizona than through the Pink Jeep Tours (apart from hiking on your own two feet). Just to give a sense of immersion, Hawaii heat is humid, wet, and sticky whereas Arizona heat is dry, “clean”, oven-feel; although, arguments can be made to which heat is worse to experience, I’d have to say, you don’t want to be hiking during the hottest times of the day for either. This makes taking a vehicle through would-be-hikes so much more enjoyable. It was hot enough we still go thirsty just riding in the Jeeps.


There are multiple packages to choose from, all of which being equally impressive. We did the Broken Arrow tour which was a 2 hour tour. PRICE: $99.00 USD per person, $84.15 per child (12 years and under).


Our steed: The Jeep was a very comfortable ride even over the rough terrain. The rest of the pictures are really hard to put into words and even worse, it doesn’t look as majestic through your viewing device. The best views are really in person, it’s very difficult to capture the majesticness of it all.



I only remember the name of this rock formation: Submarine rock. That red Jeep there was our first stop when beginning the tour, where we were allowed to hike up on the right peak.




It definitely looks like we stepped into the Cars universe which made us realize how accurate that movie was made.

The tour took us around different rock formations with our guide describing each one vividly in how they were believed to be formed, what animals roam the area, historical information, and much more. The tour also supplied water if you were absolutely empty. However, we did bring our own water bottles just for safe measure. We did not get dirty at all (even though we were able to get out at certain spots to explore the area a bit). Shoes are mandatory. One last tidbit: if you get motion sickness easily, do not book a tour. This experience if very unique in how “off-roading” you can really go; at one point it felt like were coming down at a 60 degree angle (rough estimate). Literally going up and down rock faces, at some point the tires were screeching as we slid down but our experienced driver handled each situation with precision and safety. A must-do when visiting Sedona!


Pink Jeep Tours | Sedona, Arizona
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“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.”
– John Lubbock

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