Directions: Once you exit going to Waianae, make a right on Kaukama Road. About 9 light poles down, the trail start will be visible on the right side.

Level: beginner
Length of Hike: approximately 45 minutes
Best Time To Go: Later afternoon until sunset.  (3PM-6PM/1500-1800)

IMG_4360Parking: We parked in the neighborhood from advice from friends however, when we were coming back down, there were cars parked all alongside the road. We didn’t see and tickets being handed or tow trucks nearby. Also, there are zero “no parking” signs which leads us to believe it is okay to park on the street.


andon at age 9, is able to hike it easily!  We witnessed other hikers with even younger childer and have friends that brought their babies on the hike with no problem.


This is the first rooted tree that you will see. The second rooted tree will mark the halfway point. 

The path is clean and obvious. If you are like us, experiencing it for the first time and without any help from a person who knows the path, you will get along just fine. It is a winding route up the mountain and at some points you feel like you’re going backwards but as long as you counting the slow incline up, you know you are on the right path.


The peak! There are 5 pillboxes with a few extra emplacements on the mountain. The 3 popular pillboxes are the main ones to go into.   IMG_4391

IMG_4400From the beautiful westside Waianae mountain ranges to the East side plains can be seen. It’s a perfect spot for sunsets.











IMG_4468The views are almost a cheat for a hike. In most hikes worth a nice view comes a very demanding path and too tiring for it’s worth. However, like the sunrise hike in Lanikai, The Puu o Hulu Hike is more than worth its difficulty. Overall, it was an easy, family friendly hike that’s great for sunsets! (Tip: Lanikai pillboxes for sunrise and Maili pillbox for sunset)

Puu o Hulu Hike
Kaukama Road
Waianae, Hawaii 96792

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