You shouldn’t be too concerned about a “rainy day” in Hawaii. Usually, if it’s raining in a certain area it’s highly likely that it won’t be in another area and even more unlikely the further you go, as in just the other side of the island. However, on those rare days during Hurricane season (June to November), you may experience a week worth of rain.

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Here are some contingency plans for those wet days but first, some warnings:

Don’t go to a waterfall. It’s dangerous; people have been killed by falling debris and flash floods. Waterfalls are best viewed a day or two after heavy rains. They will still be flowing properly, have a cleared base instead of murky mud color and be picturesque.

Don’t go to most beaches. Depending on the beach location, we don’t recommend it. Heavy rains or even a constant drizzle throughout the day can cause beaches to be overcome with murky water that carries bacteria, human waste, and mud, which results in unclear and unsafe conditions. The dirty waters have been known to cause sicknesses. The safest way to enjoy water activities is at your resort’s pool or even better, hit up the local waterpark. There’s only one on Oahu. If you decide to disregard this warning and go to a beach anyway, the safest beaches are ones that aren’t located near heavily populated areas (do not go to Waikiki beaches) or any near a water outway (rivers, harbors, canals).

Don’t go hiking. To some this is a given to others, it’s an adventure. We’ve trekked during some rainy times, we admit, but we also know the terrain better than most. Following the warning signs if there are any and if you come across running water on a hike, turn around, don’t drown…or better yet, don’t hike at all during these wet times. The hike will always be there, just revisit it another day.


1) Rock Climbing Gym – only one on Oahu. Family friendly and extremely fun with affordable pricing ($15 for a day pass).

2) Tour a museum – There are over a dozen museums to visit on the island of Oahu. The Bishop Museum is the official state museum which offers the most as far as a historical narrative of the islands goes and other exclusive exhibits. The Iolani Palace is also a great place of heritage and sovereignty to visit. Lastly, a visit to the Arizona Memorial should be at the top of your list, rain or shine!

3) Sing Karaoke – Some rooms are family friendly, other places are restricted to 18 years or older; obviously 21 and older are allowed to drink alcohol.

4) Bowling – There are three main bowling alleys; Aiea Bowl is the most favorable amongst them with a newly renovated restaurant.

5) Shopping Mall – Need an excuse to go shopping while on vacation? Perfect plan for a rainy day! You’ll be able to sample the local food palate as well. You also get some healthy exercise…who says shopping is bad?!

6) Spa/Massage – As if rain wasn’t relaxing enough. If you’re in a hotel in town, visit the host’s spa or the nearest one. Some massage spas are as little as 30 dollars an hour. Make use of the rainy day with a perfect rejuvenating treatment.


Drive around the island and see the beautiful waterfalls flowing down the Koolau’s (via H3, Likelike highway or Pali Highway).

in and watch some television, specifically repeats of Hawaii-Five-0. Spice up your popcorn with Hurricane Popcorn and enjoy the peace.

We hope this helps you enjoy a rainy day a little better! Let us know if you’ve done any of the about mention or have any recommendations not on the list. Thank you for reading!

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