1. You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

– Louise L. Hay
[3 hrs]

“If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” 

A great book to start the month! I’ve heard of Louise L. Hay for a few years now and am happy to have finally read one of her most recommended books. You Can Heal Your Life is about reflecting on yourself and along the lines of Law Of Attraction, mindfulness, Buddhist psychology. “What you think, you become”. “You Attract What You Think.”

If you’re a firm believer in those concepts, then you will love this book! Definitely worth the download although be warned some parts are for the open-minded. “Diet from negative thoughts”. The end chapters get a bit boring as it centers around her life experiences but still intriguing learning her thought process during tough times.

I can confidently say there will be more titles under Louise L Hay in these reads posts.

Available in: Kindle $9.99 || Hardcover $25.57 || Paperback $12.69 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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2. Sleep Smarter

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

– Shawn Stevenson
[6 hrs and 36 mins]

Nothing groundbreaking as it felt like a repeat and regurgitated information in other more popular and well-written books. However, it is always a good reminder and nice to hear popular strategies re-written in different ways; I think it is great because this type of style can help you remember certain things that were difficult to understand before.

Overall, it’s a health-related book in all aspects of your life: physical, mental, and spiritual. It is an introductory course on how to improve your life, starting with sleeping at better times. It also highlights how our sleep environment should be (dark) and of course, don’t watch TV all the time. It’s awesome once you think of it that we now know all this info and at one time this was new. It’s a good book overall! Written before Why We Sleep, another book about sleep but with more science.

Available in: Kindle $11.99 || Hardcover $15.65 || Paperback $15.93 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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3. Focus

Focus by Daniel Goleman

– Daniel Goleman
[8 hrs and 8 mins]

Focus on the conversations you have. be in the moment.
Doctors have higher ratings when they are more empathetic. Those that are in the moment, observe more and converse more have returning patients.

What we measure, we can improve with sustained action.

Available in: Kindle $12.99 || Hardcover $17.99 || Paperback $9.06 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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4. Trading in the Zone

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

– Mark Douglas
[7 hrs and 57 mins]

For any trader that trades any market, The Bible Of Trading. More than strategies, deeper than money returns, Mark Douglas smashes the psychology a trader needs that continues to add value through every read. No matter where you are in your Trading Journey, Trading in the Zone is the number one book for myself and many experienced traders. Highly recommend beginners a read and veterans a re-read.

Available in: Kindle $14.99 || Hardcover $31.41|| Audiobook Free with Audible
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#REIDREADS posts are dedicated to books I’ve read via Kindle, physical copy or my personal favorite Audible. I enjoy reading and digging deeper in every way. To level out the consumption, I want to provide something fun value and maybe educational the reader! Here are my no bullshit-cut-to-the-point (biased) review at the end of every month.

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