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– Robyn Openshaw
[7 hrs and 38 mins]

VIBE immediately resonated with Mary and I after coming off a mind-altering trip to Costa Rica. Robyn Openshaw, the author, elaborates on the power of vibrations in correlation to our thoughts. Thanks to this book, a powerful question we ask ourselves in daily conversation is “is this high or low vibration talk/thoughts/things?” We apply it when unpredictable situations arise. VIBE has helped us vibe into a higher state of being by means of proper thinking, in a way of attractions; similar teachings to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Overall, we enjoyed this book and replayed a couple chapters twice through as it resonated with us deeply. Although she advertises her GreenSmoothieGirl website, as a business, it’s smart so I can’t disagree with it but maybe once every chapter or less is better not 3-5 times in a single chapter. Anyway, the advertising didn’t distract us enough from the main plot: our frequency is dictated by our thoughts and our thoughts design our life.

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For the month of August, Mary and I began reading together. Similar to watching a Netflix series with your significant other, it was challenging not to continue ahead. The pauses in the time off of audible, I enrolled in a trading course which consumed much of my free time. More about this course in a separate blog post.
Remember to always continue to grow in different ways. Learning is the best way to change your life. In total, I was able to read 1 book due to a busy traveling schedule. Thanks for reading everyone!


– Will Durant

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