Mary and I had the privilege to embark on a, first of its kind, unique, spa experience. This was no ordinary spa you could find in a Hotel. This spa was on the ocean! The traditional Hawaiian-ingredient filled oils, which Sea Spa Hawaii incorporates, permeate throughout the Vida Mia, a 1920’s stylized vessel. We were welcomed with the pleasant aroma, a cold glass of water, a lei and cheerful aloha spirit.





We arrived a few hours before sunset, around 4 PM, and were scheduled for the couples 60-minute treatment followed by a romantic sunset while sipping on champagne.  Like any spa, it’s best to arrive early. We were there 15-minutes prior to our appointment and standing on the docks was our greeter with a lei in hand; very much emphasizing the Aloha spirit.



Cold water and warm aloha welcome after being lei’d!


After dressing down into our robes in private rooms/changing areas, we were introduced to our two masseuses. They gave us a brief outline of what was going to happen: A 50 – minute facial and a 50 – minute full body massage. The facial scrub was renewing and hydrating with essential oils, all locally made from Kauai and on the North Shore of Oahu. The following body-massage applied the same oils and lotions with your preferred pressure by the masseuse.

Disclaimer: The massage was started and finished before the boat set sail for open seas.




Maile Organics products used for the massage.
Leahlani products used for the facial.





After the massage and facial, the yacht started up, we headed upstairs, and we were off! Refreshments were ready for all guests on the upper deck in the form of fruits, fruit-infused water, champagne, and other mixed pupus. The rest of the cruise lasted for an hour and brought us around Diamond Head. It was a time for relaxation (in your robe is optional) and enjoyment of the spectacular views.





With massage tables for up to six guests, and specializing in couples, bachelorette/wedding parties and private charters, Sea Spa Hawaii helps cater an intimate experience for all. It was such a refreshing experience. It wasn’t the “same old” – traditional massage you would find at a hotel or resort. The gentle swaying of the boat going up and down in the harbor heighten the entire experience.

Sea Spa Hawaii is an innovative and creative take on a luxury spa experience. In fact, here at Wanderlustyle, we can see the upsides to this idea and won’t be surprised when we see this all over the world. It is a truly a luxury and unique experience.

Military and Kamaaina Discount – $100 off your package choice

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Sea Spa Hawaii
1651 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 798-5613

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was welcomed as a guest to experience the spa cruise at Sea Spa Hawaii. All opinions are honest for our readers. Mahalo! 


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