Absolutely the most fun I had on our recent California/Arizona/Nevada trip! Slide rock is a state part located in Arizona just outside the city of Sedona. It is approximately 15-20 minute drive from Sedona. There are many parking stalls which provide ample spaces to get into the park no matter what time of day. Security also patrols the parking lot allowing assistance in free spaces and providing a small line of protection from theft.
*Military discount is also provided during entry, be sure to ask!



This place has been a great tourist spot for almost a century!

DSC09452If you were like us and didn’t bring proper swim wear, have no fear for a store is near! On the camp grounds, a small gift shop/merchandise store is available that sells swimming clothes/sunscreen/towels and other goods to help enjoy your time. Don’t forget to bring/purchase water!


DSC09453The scenery itself is worth going to the park, even if you don’t take a dip in the stream!

Down along the stream is a restroom you can use to change into your newly purchased swim suit…and use the facilities.



This is where the fun begins! Interestingly enough, it’s not slippery because of moss but instead of micro-organisms of that nature. Unfortunately, with the poor research we conducted, couldn’t find the exact reason of the cause. In short, not from moss. It is the most refreshing thing you can do! Don’t think about it while in the water but to be honest, it was freezing! Although May and June are the warmest months, the water was extremely cold. Along the lines of Mountain Tubing exhilarating coldness. Supposedly it was between 50-65 fahrenheit/10-20 celsius while the outside air temperature was a warm 90 fahrenheit/30-35 celsius.






After sliding down the rocks, toward the exit, there are perfect pools to jump into! It’s only about a 10foot/3meter drop with the depth of the water being just as deep. If you’re a guy, don’t worry, jump in and experience this unique natural water activity even if you don’t have the proper attire like me! I ended up jumping in with the shorts I had as it was hot to be dried enough during the walk back to the parking lot.

DSC09639Again, the scenery itself is breathtaking even if you don’t get wet.


_MG_3515Slide Rock is its own little oasis in the desert…literally. The best time to visit is in the summer time (May-July). Make sure to add this to your bucket list if you are traveling through Arizona! It’s great for families and for the most part, very safe (although it can be slippery when walking around the area). Bring sunscreen, water, and a towel! Even if only for a second, jump in, take a dip and experience this thrilling natural “water park”…you won’t regret it!


Slide Rock State Park
For more information, visit here.
6871 Junipine Circle
Arizona, AZ 86336
Phone: (928) 282-3034


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