DSC05379We’ve recently become yelp-elites (under my name Reid H.) due to our explorations to new locations and this was no different. Yelping led us to this nice little gastropub in downtown Honolulu, more specifically, Chinatown. There are many new restaurants popping up and it’s really great to see the boom in business.



We went on a weekday when visiting this bar/pub so it had a perfect crowd to get in and out – a quick date. It wasn’t dark and gloomy like most pubs, we could actually see each other’s faces. The music was decent as there was not live music at the time of our visit. There is room to have live musicians but I’m not entirely sure if they have gigs set up. However, it is a perfect place to watch sports – A giant TV behind the bar with 4-5 others mounted on the walls all around the walls.


IMG_9421Menu above the bar area.

IMG_9434Beautiful display of the alcohol – the thrown of alcoholism.

Drinks & Dinner

DSC05398Beer and Lychee Refresher

IMG_9423Lobster Deviled Eggs 

IMG_9426Smith and Kings Mac and Cheese with the creamy blend of five cheeses.

IMG_9428Foie Gras Burger with foie gras pate, black truffle mayonnaise and white truffle oil and served with your choice of side.

As it was dead, we weren’t really feeling any specific vibe. It felt as if we just needed to eat something and leave asap. We didn’t rush through our dinner but we also didn’t have any motivation to linger – we were in and out within 45 minutes tops. The food is a 3/5, parking is in Chinatown, which is usually a hassle with free stalls rarely available. Ambience was the kicker though, it’s a place where you want to be with all your friends and laughing your ass off. Very open environment with friendly staff.

If you’re ever around Honolulu, specifically in Chinatown area, Smith & Kings is a great place for a quick/simple dinner and a great spot to get drinks with friends to start the night off.

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Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

69 N. King Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 537-2222


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