IMG_9935Enter into one of Honolulu’s premier bars. The Study is fantastic, really. It’s one of the best bars I have had a drink at. The ambiance is chill to the max. The decorations are homey…literally has books and decorations as if you were in the comfort of your own home and the bookshelf rotates! An amazing place. I may sound repetitive but I can’t get over how much I really do enjoy this spot. It has a very comfortable, modern, and clean aesthetic yet, provides an open environment with plenty of standing room to get to know strangers.



IMG_9946This bar has simple beers, vodkas, and whiskies to premium alcoholic beverages. Look how clean and smooth the layout is!

IMG_9945With the focus of main entrees and drinks at other restaurants located throughout The Modern, The Study menu has been been revamped with new items and has sparked new life with great dishes and drinks that I can foresee being a staple of the Honolulu Bar Scene. I can see it now: “YOU HAVE TO TRY THE FAMOUS DANTE’S INFERNO AT THE STUDY WHEN YOU VISIT HONOLULU!”

IMG_9949Well, we didn’t try Dante’s Inferno but we did get around to trying these tonics: West Thai Story (Mary’s) & The Great Gatsby (Reid’s). Our first round. West Thai Story is a drink to get the night going – smooth, minty, sweet, and not too strong; think Pina Colada but better! The Great Gatsby, a gentleman’s drink. A delicate mix of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, lemon juice, and house-made black ice tea – classy.


IMG_9969On to round two! Mary had to go with Huckle BERRY Fin (her nickname/social media handle is “themaryBERRY”). I went with War and Peace. I have to say, the drink names are awesome and entices you to try it just because of its label.
Huckle BERRY Fin is dressed like a luxurious cocktail. Perfect fit for those birthday goers who want to look fancy while getting ‘turnt’. It’s basically vodka, highlighted with berries, and a splash of lemon. War and Peace – again, really intriguing names here. This is another drink preferably for those whiskey drinkers. Great tasting, not too strong and  mixed with Jack Daniels, mint, and lemon. Shout out to our waitress for a great recommendation!

IMG_9964Tuna Tartare – Horseradish Aioli, Olives, Pickled Red Onion, Chervil Bonito Lavosh
Nice and light appetizer. It also came with chips to eat with the tuna tartare. Together, it was very delicious!

IMG_9959Quail Egg Ravioli – Lemon & Shiso Ricotta, Smoked Bacon Vinaigrette, Sorrel
Mary’s favorite dish of the night. You have to try it if you like eggs and ravioli. The sauce and bacon mixed well with everything! Great dish indeed if I say so myself.

IMG_9966Short Rib Gnocchi – Braised Short Rib, Arugula, Mushroom
It was our first time tasting Gnocchi and it’s now one of our favorites!

IMG_9968Now, for the carefully crafted, ambrosial, mouth-watery, dishes. Mary loved the Quail Egg Ravioli, she devoured it! I preferred the Short Rib Gnocchi while we both came to terms (and took home) the Pizza.

As before mentioned, this is one of our favorite spots now. What is fascinating is the revolving bookshelf; it’s like you’re stepping into a different world. A different environment awaits for you behind the bookshelf and instead of Narnia, it’s so much better…a bar and lounge! Instead of dancing animals you have a live band that plays mellow music, nothing too crazy. Great ambience, great music, great food, and best of all, AMAZING drinks. I guess we know where we will be having our next big birthday. No, not Narnia…The Study!

Happy Hour at The Study is from 6pm to 8pm. Also, check out their website for information on the events. They have live music every night!

Special thanks to Kapua! Our dinner was great and the drinks were the deal sealer – We’ll be back with our friends! Thank you.

For more information on The Study visit here.

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The Study at The Modern Honolulu 
1775 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
(808) 450-3396

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