Offering the most amazing view over Tokyo, the Tokyo Skytree capsulates the exact scenery when Japan is mentioned elsewhere. Being at the top (1.480feet/451.2meters high) is almost as if you were the diety looking down on your Sim City. It reminded me of flying, as if in a helicopter; that’s how high we were over the cityscape. As a matter of fact, the Skytree is the tallest building in Japan (second tallest in the world) and only “recently” completed in 2012.



DSC08312Right outside the entrance, ground level.


DSC08352View from 350th floor!

_MG_2827Beautiful views that not even drones are able to capture! It’s a view of a continuous, perceived to be, never ending city. Literally as far as the eye is capable of seeing were buildings. Looking down into the streets you can see a bustling city, like a beehive.



_MG_2866“Through the looking glass.” There are positions on both observation decks of sturdy glass floors, allowing the viewer to look down. It gives a great perspective of how high you actually are. (345th floor)

DSC08376For the most outstanding view over Tokyo, besides a helicopter or plane, Tokyo Skytree is the best place. Visiting hours are also available at night to give an even more astonishing look! Visiting hours are 0800 A.M. – 21:00/9:00P.M. If you are planning to visit, the nearest train station is Oshiaga Station. If you would like to purchase your tickets right this moment, HERE is the link to purchase (not an affiliate link).

Pricing (directly taken from the before mention link):

  Category Adult Juniors Child child Pre-school
18 and over 12 – 17 years old 6 – 11 years old 4 – 5 years old
High School/ Junior High School students Elementary School students
Day Ticket
(no time assignment)
¥2,060 ¥1,540 ¥930 ¥620
Advance Purchase
(day/time assigned)
¥2,570 ¥2,060 ¥1,440 ¥1,130
Tickets purchased on the day only
¥1,030 ¥820 ¥510 ¥310

*NOTE: These pricing are subject to change according to market conditions. These prices are also in JPY, be sure to use a conversion calculator to get pricing in your country’s currency.

Tokyo Skytree
1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan


“‘Kiss Land’ is the story after ‘Trilogy’; it’s pretty much the second chapter of my life. The narrative takes place after my first flight; it’s very foreign, very Asian-inspired. When people ask me, ‘Why Japan?’ I simply tell them it’s the furthest I’ve ever been from home. It really is a different planet.”

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