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While we love traveling to new destinations, we also enjoy a quick getaway! Living in Hawaii, we’re quite lucky to have beautiful hotels and resorts close to our home or on another island. Every summer, our family will either go on a trip, stay at a hotel, resort, or rent out a beach house. We look forward to summer vacations because we’re able to create new memories that will last a lifetime!

Whether going on an international flight or island hopping, having the right luggage is a vital piece of equipment. As we travel more, we continue to learn how to pack lighter and smarter. Last year, we started traveling with just a carry-on and it was life-changing as it turned into our preferred way to travel. We were able to avoid the checked baggage fees and also the worry of an airline losing our luggage (the worst nightmare that happened to me a few years ago).

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After traveling to multiple countries last year with our carry-on, it’s time for an upgrade! Introducing our newest travel companion from Travelpro®, the Maxlite® 5 Carry-On Rolling Duffle! This is a perfect luggage to have for summer because it’s made with Polyester fabric with DuraGuard® coating which resists water and stains making it perfect for a tropical getaway. Travelpro® designs its luggage for travelers to pack more efficiently, making travel easier and less stressful. It’s very flexible with multiple carrying options such as a top handle, adjustable shoulder strap and a rear stacking strap for secure stacking on top of another rolling bag. This duffle also comes in five different colors such as Dusty Rose, Azure Blue, Slate, Midnight Blue and Black. Did I mention how lightweight it is?! All luggage goes through extensive testing to make sure it will withstand anything you put it through.

As we prepare for a tropical getaway, there are multiple things to keep in mind when it comes to packing. Here’s how I pack for a summer getaway:

  •  Weather: Since it’s a tropical getaway, keep in mind being out in the sun! Pack the necessities such as sunscreen, aloe vera (just in case someone gets a sunburn), hat, sunglasses, lip balm with SPF, and a ziplock bag (to carry items you don’t want to get wet or sandy).
  • Activities: Pack clothes depending on the activities you’ll be doing such as the pool, beach, snorkeling, boat cruise, etc. You’ll want to bring swimsuits, light and comfortable clothing since it’ll be warm, and a scarf which can be used for cover-up and blanket.
  • Versatility: To pack lighter and smarter, make sure everything you bring is versatile. Where it can be worn multiple times with different outfits. Such as slippers, sandals, or shoes that will match with your clothes.

We hope you have an awesome summer wherever you decide to travel! For more information about Travelpro® and Maxlite® 5 Carry-On Rolling Duffle, visit here.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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