Personally, one of my favorite visits while in Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market. Welcome, to the biggest fish market IN THE WORLD! The world knows the Japanese have aided in the wide spread consumption of sushi and they are the biggest consumers of fish out of all societies. Tsukiji Market distributes seafood throughout the world.

This was kind of a spur of the moment decision but ended up being the best. We were able to visit on our last full day in Tokyo. Bottom line: completely worth it. It’s a great place to visit as it is the most unique cultural aspect of the Japanese society.


_MG_3094Unfortunately, we arrived way too late for all of the action. Behind these closed gates are where all the seafood are laid in rows and auctioned off. However, the restaurants around the market were still open and yes, it was the best fresh sushi we have EVER tasted! Coming from Hawaii, we eat a lot of sashimi so that is saying a lot on how good Tsukiji is. I don’t think Tsukiji Market is comparable to any other fish now. Hopefully in our future travels we are able to get the same satisfaction or at least contentment but we shall see, although I highly doubt the plausibility of that happening!

_MG_3034After the auctioning area was closed, the restaurants within the vicinity were still teeming with hungry travelers.

_MG_3036Street vendors throughout the market’ alleyways.

_MG_3061Various types of sushi! I (Reid) tried Eel for the first time and I don’t fancy too much sushi. I’m mainly an Ahi fish eater and that’s about it. Either way, I doubt there are any bad tasting dishes. I know I won’t be eating Eel any time soon, unless it’s from Tsukiji Market! If you’re a fish lover, this market NEEDS to be on our travel destination. We can’t wait to revisit.

Tours are available so you can see all the action with a person that knows what’s going on. Click here for more info (not an affiliate). TIP: When reserving your tour be sure it’s in your country’s language or at least English for better understanding of the surrounding activities.




Tsukiji Fish Market
5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan


tsukiji fish market

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