You can’t possibly come to Hawaii and not visit one of the most historical sites in all of America. Pearl Harbor is the reason and location of The United States of America joining World War II. Most places like this are not free to visit but we help you get into Pearl Harbor Historic Site for FREE!

Free entrance into Pearl Harbor? Really?

Yes! First things first, head to Pearl Harbor early because it’s first come-first served. The first 1,300 people will be let in for free starting at 7:00am. The free entrance will get you into Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial program which includes a 23 minute documentary in a theater, a boat ride to the memorial, 15 minutes at the memorial, and a boat ride back to explore more of Pearl Harbor on land.

That’s right, the boat ride to the USS Arizona Memorial is included with your free entrance!


This is a picture taken from the ferry boat on approach to the USS Arizona Memorial. The solemn atmosphere really puts things into perspective. In fact, not once have I visited this place without getting goosebumps/chicken skin. You only have about 15 minutes to look around the USS Arizona Memorial so make your time worth it and be sure to pay your reverence for the lost souls that are still trapped in its hollowed shell.




Oil still leaks to this day!

The picture above shows spillage still spewing out from the wreckage from December 7, 1941. 76 years ago!


After you get back from the USS Arizona Memorial, you can look around at all the other things on land. There are other places to see on Pearl Harbor but some of the museums, you will have to pay for. Without a doubt, visiting Pearl Harbor is the most historical you can get in accordance with the United States history and Hawaii’s strategic importance throughout the Pacific theatre.

For more information on Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial, visit here.


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