Although I seldom make time for mobile gaming (or any gaming for that matter), I occasionally find myself downloading a few apps for long durations of travel. It’s pleasant for those down times when you need to rest the mind or to just, enjoy! The list here is specifically for games that provide hours of fun without the need of being connected to internet or cell service.

The list is in Alphabetical order. Click on each photo to download!
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1. ALTO’S ADVENTURE – $4.99Alto's Adventure

First on the list, all time favorite game to download. A therapeutic-type of endless runner genre. The “zen” mode is cozy for those rainy-lazy days. Very high replay value with no in-app purchases. The visuals and calming music will leave you in a trance.

2. BADLAND 1 & 2 – $0.99

With stunning and fluid mechanics, it’s no wonder why Badland is a back-to-back hit. Providing difficult yet manageable levels, at least one of these apps should be in your repertoire for entertainment on the go! No in-app purchases.

3. LAURA CROFT GO ($4.99) or HITMAN GO ($4.99)

LAURA CROFT GO In-App Purchases:
All Puzzle Solutions: $1.99
Square Enix Outfit Pack: $1.99
Total: $4.00

HITMAN GO In-App Purchases:
5 Hints Pack: $0.99
Complete Walkthrough: $4.99
12 Hints Pack: $1.99
Unlock Classic Chapter 1: $0.99
Unlock Chapter 6: $0.99
Unlock Chapter 3: $0.99
Unlock Classic Chapter 2: $0.99
Unlock Chapter 4: $0.99
Unlock Chapter 2: $0.99
25 Hints Pack: $3.99
Total: $18.00

I lumped these two together as they from the same company, similar titles with the word Go and is the same stylized game with minor tweaks and obvious story changes. It is a simple brain teaser where you must find your way around a map via puzzles as well-known characters. However, low replay value, for me. Like all puzzle games, once you know how to do it, the novelty wears off. – Side note, a SHIT load of in-app purchases although, not necessary to complete the game.


 MARS MARS In-App Purchases

El Dorado: $3.99
Ufo: $0.99
Stephen: $3.99
Kestrel 5: $0.99
Arnold: $0.99
Discman: $0.99
Nigiri: $0.99
Little Martha: $0.99
Eagle: $0.99
Marselot: $0.99
Total: $16.00

I believe this would be called an endless side-scroller? Similar to Alto’s Adventure. What makes this game a stand-out for me is the creativity involved with each UNIQUE character and different planets. In-App purchases are not necessary at all as you will receive the characters for free when you progress through the game.

5. MONUMENT VALLEY 1 & 2 – $3.99 & $4.99 (or $6.99 Bundle)

With two releases (Monument Valley & Monument Valley 2), the series is brilliant storytelling with minimal, beautiful, smooth design and movement. Replay value is mediocre as it’s always good to come back to on the toilet or a quick stress reliever but not riveting enough to complete over and over. Easy yet, challenging. After you get the gist of it all, it becomes facile. No in-app purchases.

6. OSMOS – $2.99

Osmos brings into the microscopic world with the object to become the biggest via different scenarios. It is by far the most relaxing time-killer on this list and one of my personal favorites. Strategy, laziness, slow pace, fast pace, whatever you desire for this game to be, it’s up to you. No in-app purchases.

7. PLAGUE INC. – $0.99

PLAGUE INC. In-App Purchases:
Necroa Virus Expansion Pack: $1.99
Neurax Worm Expansion Pack: $1.99
Unlock 7 Standard Plagues: $2.99
Unlock All Genes: $7.99
Unlock Cheats: $9.99
Scenario Pack: $2.99
Simian Flu Expansion Pack: $1.99
Unlock Virus: $0.99
Plague Pack: $12.99
Shadow Plague Expansion Pack$1.99
Total: $46.00

The first game I purchased on this list, back on my first iPod touch! Easy but challenging for all facets of strategy experienced players. This game will make you think and is less of a mindless game, however, the pace can be slowed down for it to be one. Similar to Hitman GO, there are many in-app purchases and although not needed to complete or have fun with the game, without the purchases make it a bit more difficult to succeed in harder game modes. Along this topic of in-app purchases keep in mind that some packs already include the smaller purchases.

8. PRUNE – $3.99

Another meditative and clean game (my favorite type). Prune can get challenging and I’ll admit to not finishing this one but it was very enjoyable at the time I played it. You are in control of growing a tree with precision strikes. No In-app purchases.


SMASH HIT In-App Purchases:
Premium Game (no-ads): $1.99
Total: $2

As a theme with this list, Smash Hit is a beautiful game graphically and easy to play; the mechanics of the glass shattering is realistic and gorgeous. This game is great for standing in like and you want to break things without actually taking it out on the world around you, for FREE!


TETRIS In-App Purchases:
Ads Free: $4.99
2 500 T-Coins: $1.99
7 500 T-Coins: $4.99
50 000 T-Coins: $29.99
130 000 T-Coins: $69.99
200 000 T-Coins: $99.99
Total: just don’t.

Last, but not least, the age-old veteran: TETRIS. Easily fun with the free version having no need for the in-app purchases unless you hate ad. Either way, it’s a classic puzzle organizer. Have fun!



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