It’s difficult to crown a place for number 1 BEST PLACE TO WATCH THE SUNSET as the world offers so many phenomenal locations throughout. It’s all subjective! The sun setting on Earth’s horizon is an amazing spectacle no matter where it’s happening. If you happen to find yourself somewhere like Hawaii, whether you’re just passing through with your family or an avid photographer, be sure to get the most out of your stay by witnessing a Hawaiian sunset.

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Here is a list of 5 places to capture the last moments of the day on Oahu:

1. Sunset Beach (Pupukea – North Shore)

Sunset beach is more than just the mecca of surfing and beautiful wahines. Despite being home of the Vans Triple Crown 2nd leg during the heavy swells of winter (Ho’oilo) from November to April, it is also a snorkelers haven during the summer (Kau) months from May to October. One thing constant throughout the year, however, is the gorgeous sunsets. Aptly named, it is the number one spot on Oahu to see a Hawaiian sunset without obstructions or disruptive sounds of the city.

2. Makua Beach (Makua)

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The West side of Oahu, like Waianae, Makaha and West Kaena Point, are beautiful places to watch sunset colors dance across a glassy ocean. The white-sand stretches of Makua beach are incomparable to the rest of the island and is a bonus camping location via State Permit after sunset.

3. Ko Olina Lagoons (Kapolei)

As we make our way from west Oahu, heading Southwest, the tourist-friendly Ko Olina Resort area is similar to Waikiki in regards to hotels and tourism but without the crowds! If you’re trying to escape the madness of town, Ko Olina is a safe bet for little ones and the elderly. As the sun sets across the Pacific, take a dip in one of four man-made, jewel-like lagoons, open to the public.

Tip: Arriver there early for sunset as parking is limited – Make it a beach day! Related, be sure to leave as soon as the sun sets, tow trucks are always lurking looking for their next victim.

4. China Walls (Hawaii Kai)


Located in an affluent neighborhood, the cliffs of Hawaii Kai bolster an unparalleled look of backdoor Waikiki as the sunset’s glow turns Diamond Head, aka Leahi, into a silhouette. Dare to jump off the cliff or surf the nearby break before sunset! However, be warned, this is a dangerous location; once the rocks are wet, it can become very slippery, toppled with an incline and occasional heavy swell make China Walls best viewed for those easily mobile.

5. Waikiki/Ala Moana Beach (Honolulu)

If you can’t make it to the north or west side and find yourself stuck in Waikiki, have no fear because sunsets there are just as Instagram worthy. Regardless of all the tourists crowding the beach, busy sky, and populated ocean, the sunsets that light up Waikiki’s sky provide for the best aerial photos during sunset. It’s convenient, safe, and you can almost guarantee a mind-blowing sunset during your stay.

In a place known as paradise, it’s hard determining the “best” place to watch the sunset but it’s fair to say that without doubt, Hawaii has some of the best sunsets out there. We hope we encouraged some ideas and added some new “to-do” boxes on your bucket list! Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite place to watch the sunset? Where’s the best place in Hawaii to watch the sunset?

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