To start the new week on a good note, we had brunch at a new locale: BLT Market for the Pau Hana Menu. In our personal travel experiences, in-house hotel restaurants are usually mediocre tasting, however, BLT Market persuaded us otherwise. One particular aspect that we are starting to see with restaurants throughout Waikiki is that they are using locally grown produce. I’m liking this trend and BLT Market was no let down in that detail. On top of using local resources, the way they incorporated the ingredients into every part of the meal made it taste phenomenal!

img_5883The bar with a few lounge couches greets you before the main restaurant seating area.


img_5879The main seating area of BLT Market. The seating has a pleasant view of nearby Waikiki high rises. It has an outdoor feel with most light being emitted by the natural ambiance. The walls are able to pull down in a case of direct sunlight or heavy rains.

img_5859Just below the restaurant is the pool area but has no effect on the dining experience.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-14-32-pmBeing that most of the ingredients are from local farms, the menu has the uniqueness of offering different entrees for each season. We were told that some things on the menu may be unavailable due to the harvest, supply & demand and other factors that are integrated within the food industry. I appreciated the honesty BLT Market made. I would rather be told something is unavailable with the cause being “Our local farmers ran into complications” vs “We ran out of shrimp from our local farm so here’s Costco. preservative filled, frozen shrimp!”. Honesty from a company/corporation/restaurant/organization goes a long way to us at Wanderlustyle and this gives BLT Market a proper pat on the back from us. Another great value added is that Happy Hour is every day!screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-14-58-pm

The dessert menu is available during lunch and dinner.


Haupia (Coconut) Mojito & Watermelon Mojito. They have a huge variety of flavors to choose!


img_5817Tapioca flour, gluten-free bread served as their complimentary bread.

img_5823Tuna Poke which is spicy poke (our favorite) served with seaweed chips! It was delicious but Poke is our weakness so we may be biased here. It was not too spicy either because even Mary devoured half of it and she dislikes spicy foods; it was that good!

img_5827Blistered Shishito Peppers! Supposedly 1 in 10 are fiery hot but of all the ones we ate, none were spicy. The sauce is a great compliment to the meal and made it taste even better!

img_5831This amazing dish is the Market Burger with garlic fries. It was AMAZING! You know when you go to a family barbecue and there’s that distinct smokey (good smokey) taste? Well, the Market Burger tasted exactly like your uncle pulled it off the barbecue. Although we ate half each, I’m positive we could each eat one on our own if it wasn’t for those yummy appetizers!

img_5835 img_5839Yukon Potatoe Croquette. Basically, mashed potatoes with some meats smashed in, rolled up into these balls and cooked like fries. It was something we’ve never had before and it was just as tasty as I described.  It’s making my mouthwater trying to come up with right adjectives to dedescribehis work of art.

img_5870This delicious dessert is a must try! Apple Rose Tart with rum ice cream!

img_5875Lilikoi & Chocolate Macaroons. Yummy!

img_5878Along with the variety of tasty spirits, their desserts (Ice Cream & Sherbert in particular) also have the same variety. Pictured above are Coconut, Ube, and Pumpkin flavors!

If you are eating out and want to try something new, head over to the Ritz-Carlton in Waikiki to eat at BLT Market (located on floor L). Beautiful view, friendly staff, unique (yummy) tasting drinks and ice creams, and amazingly satisfying food! You will not go home disappointed or with an unsatisfied appetite!

For more information on BLT Market, visit here.
BLT Market Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
The Ritz-Carlton in Waikiki
383 Kalaimoku St, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 729-9729


  1. Lovely images. Watermelon Mojito is my favorite. Lilikoi & Chocolate Macaroons and Apple Rose Tart with rum ice cream seems to be very delicious. Thanks for sharing this BLT Market.

  2. Fatima Ali

    I love this place. The pictures and the food looks awesome. I am sure you had a great time there.

  3. Food looks great, and presented well. Quite unusual to food I am familiar with in the uk

  4. Elizabeth O.

    This sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy good food in. The dishes look amazing and dining with a view like that makes the experience more worthwhile!

  5. The food and drinks look amazing with the splendid views of Waikiki high rises! I’d love to visit this place. Thanks for sharing the review with us!

  6. Thank you, Shirley! BLT Market is our favorite, in-hotel restaurant we have visited in Hawaii, thus far!

  7. We definitely did! The unique taste at the bar with local flavors make it a phenomenal drinking experience.

  8. Beautiful view, nice weather, and great tasting food is an easy 10/10 dining experience. Don’t forget the added delicious drinks the bar serves ;).

  9. Seems a good place, the meals are so nice they got me wishing I was there to have a few of them . hahaha haha.

  10. NIce place. The interiors are so elegant and the fact that cook with farm pick sounds enticing. Blistered Shishito Peppers looks so tempting would love to try

  11. The hotel restaurant floor is absolutely amazing! My friends call me a picky eater. I say I am not picky, I just know exactly what I like. So the Burger and garlic fries would definitely be my choice! I can taste the smokey flavor right now! Lol

  12. What a dreamy location. A bright and airy location and the food looks phenomenal. I bet you had a blast.