We spent our final day out on Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Parking was easily accessible and after setting our things down and meeting with a few friends on the beach, we headed out for a walk into town for the full immersion of this hippie loving area.



I wouldn’t designate Byron Bay a shopping hub per say but it does hold its own if that is what you are looking for. It’s a beach town so be prepared for surf culture wear and influence throughout the area. Bikini’s, board shorts, surfboards and the like can all be found in multiple shops. (I.E. No designer shops)


SHOPS – As previously mentioned, there are no designer shops. Byron Bay does offer multiple shops for great souvenirs!

PARK – Apart from parking in the “main” area (you do have to pay a fee) there are additional parking spaces up and down the streets and if you are really searching, there are neighborhood areas just outside the central area that also may have available spots.

MAIN BEACH – Interestingly enough, the main beach was used for whaling as late as the 1950’s and 1960’s. After the decline of the industry worldwide and animal rights movements closed down this taboo income, it became a popular tourist spot shortly after for backpackers, sunbathers and surfers.






If you visit on a Tuesday, visit the local farmers market! The main strip, on Jonson St. and its little alleyways, has the plethora of choices. From fast food to cuisine restaurants, foreign eateries or local catches, Byron Bay has just about any style food your stomach can muster.





During our visit, we headed up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. Located on the farthest eastern reaches of continental Australia, it is a perfect location to watch the sunset. Get there early if you choose to see it for sunset, it gets heavily crowded!











????Australia We spent our last day in Australia with good company at Byron Bay. A super hippy town full of free spirited individuals! Our last sunset in Australia was a great way to sum up an awesome trip. This isn’t everyone that made this trip magical but you all know who you are…until next year! Special thank you to @infiniteprosperity for bringing the world together because without you guys, this photo wouldn’t have taken place. Meeting people from all around the world and experiencing different cultures is what it’s all about. The more an individual person knows more about a different culture/society, the more understanding and respectful we all are to reach other in the long run.

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We turned our last day into a magical one and I’m glad Byron Bay was the spot. It has a certain feel to it all. Of all the beaches we visited, Mary enjoyed the ambiance here most. It had artists on the beach, the town was lively with all walks of life and everyone was so friendly (even the non-locals!). This hippy, new-age, backpacker, surfing community won our hearts over and with multitudes to do here, you’ll be able to fall in love as well!

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