This post for our readers who are already blogging. If you don’t have a blog (yet), check out our post on how you can Start Your Own Blog!

In what seemed like a blink of the eye, we’ve been blogging for three whole years! We just passed our anniversary date last week. What’s our secret to consistently posting? Well, we don’t really have a secret, typical answer, but we can share a few pointers for you to be consistent with your blog that works for us. These tips have really helped us maintain our blog and constantly produce content for our readers weekly.

When starting off, it can be daunting. However, after creating a system and becoming consistent with it will help make things easier and smoother. The hard work is to start, then from there, it’s just maintenance! Once you’ve established some guidelines (maybe some of our tips can resonate with you), you’ll find yourself wanting to produce content!


  • Content Calendar: If you don’t have one already, put your posts on a calendar and check them off once it is finished. We use our calendar on our laptop, which is easier than having a planner because it syncs with our phone as well.
  • Ritual: Have a consistent time throughout the day to start blogging. Having a daily or weekly ritual will make blogging so much easier!
  • Find Your Why: This is probably the most important thing. Having a reason why you’re blogging and continuously reminding yourself. If you have a strong reason, then you won’t come up with excuses for not being consistent!


Being that we’re travel bloggers, when we travel, we plan out our days and think of posts throughout the trip. Note the idea down as soon as you feel inspired! While we’re not full-time travelers, we are still able to come up with posts for months because of our trips. Like us, if you’re not traveling, there’s always something to do and write about in your own backyard! Just be creative and always write down ideas whenever you think of one! In order for you to come up with interesting blog posts, you yourself must find that topic interesting as well.  


This kind of ties in with #1. Collaborating with hotels, restaurants, spas, tour companies, activities, businesses and fellow blogger. Engage with users, followers, and anyone you feel inspired by, you never know who will want to help you out if you don’t ask! When you collaborate with anyone, it’s automatic that you have posts to write about! If you’re stuck on ideas, think of reaching out for collaborations, this is a great way to get your blog out there and also get content for your blog.


One thing that’s great to add is a monthly series. For example, we have “Reid Reads as a monthly series. Where we share about what books we read for the month. Some ideas for monthly or weekly blog posts: Travel Thursday, Monthly Blog Earnings, Monthly Travel or Events Recap, Wanderlust Wednesday, and many others. Again, just be creative with your posts and think of something you can write about monthly. This point specifically can keep anyone busy for a long while!


Put your phone down, stay away from social media, and start planning! With a clear mind, juices will start flowing and planning will be a breeze. Once you plan out your posts, it’s up to you when you want to post. Write it down on a calendar if you have to! We do about 2-3 posts per week but the main thing is, we have content releasing on a weekly basis. It’s always good to spread out your posts. For those that blogs on the daily, we give them a round of applause! When you finally decide on when you’ll be posting, then stick to that routine!

There you have it. How you can stay consistent with your blog.

The only way these tips will work is when you make a commitment and execute your daily, weekly, monthly goals for your blog! By planning out and making a commitment, your blog will definitely be consistent! Just remember, it’s your blog, you have control!


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