Bonjour, friends! Maryrose here… After our trip to Miami, I flew to Europe with my mom (for mother’s day) and her friends for a few weeks. We started off in France, Paris specifically, with one of our activities a food tour around our area, St. Germain des Prés. The best way to get to know a city is through its local food. Therefore, I booked our group with Flavors of Paris.

Now, let’s go off the EATen path!




Maison Brémond

Our first stop where we tasted some exquisite olive oils. I love olive oil and vinaigrette in restaurants but had no idea there were so many different types of olive oils. My favorite was the truffle oil (anything with truffle, I’m there!). Of course, I had to purchase some to take home.




Un Dimanche à Paris

Then we headed to a place full of chocolates, macarons, desserts, specialty pastries, and the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE that I have ever tasted. We had two macarons per person and a shot of hot chocolate. It was nothing like we’ve all had before, very delicious, creamy, thick, and rich chocolate! You only need a shot to satisfy your cravings!




Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger

Next stop, was where delicious bread and pastries are baked. Eric Kayser is one of the most famous and respected bakers in Paris, who is the creator of these delicious baked goods. He is most known for his perfectly shaped baguette which cannot be beaten! It was served hot and fresh; just add some butter and it was a perfect meal in itself!








 Ma Collection Marchande de Saveurs

This stop was our favorite during the tour! Valerie is the owner and mastermind behind this beautiful shop. We tasted homemade seasonings, mustard, and jams. Not just a regular jam, it’s the BEST JAM IN THE WORLD! Everything is made from scratch in her kitchen! This shop quickly became my favorite during the food tour because you can tell Valerie was passionate at what she does. With passion and love put into the products, everything is exquisite and extraordinary. Even the packaging of the products is amazing! I mean, who puts olive oil in a perfume bottle?? For anyone that is visiting Paris, stop by her shop and check it out. You will not be disappointed!




La Palette

Lastly, we had a table waiting for us at the last restaurant. With almost every restaurant and cafés in Paris, they have outdoor seating. As our last tasting, we had some cheese and charcuterie platters, along with some delicious wine. We ended the tour with a lovely toast! (Did you know: When toasting with someone, it’s important to make eye contact as it is considered polite in many countries.)

Le Procope Café, oldest café in Paris where famous artists and writers would have coffee such as Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and many more. One of Napoleon’s hats is displayed inside the restaurant.
Café de Flore, famous parisian café for writers, philosophers, and movie stars. It’s been featured in multiple movies as well!
Church of Saint Germain des Prés, oldest church in Paris.

Everyone had a fantastic time during the food tour. Aside from the food tasting, we love that Lisa is very knowledgeable about Paris and its history. Making the tour well worth it by learning things about Paris. Lisa, our incredible tour guide, and founder of Flavors of Paris, definitely showed us the best of the best food tour in Paris! We all wish our 3-hour tour lasted longer.

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Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was welcomed as a guest for Flavors of Paris food tour. All our opinions and experiences we share are honest. Mahalo!


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