If you read our latest post about Things To Do for Halloween in Hawaii, then you know we’re all about haunted attractions this year and our first attraction is the Haunted Plantation!
This haunted attraction has been around for nearly a decade and were told by others that it gets better every year. The production going on here is on another level compared to other places in Hawaii; it’s likely the most famous and well known local haunted attractions. It was seen in Ghost Hunter on SYFY, The Dead Files on The Travel Channel,  and was featured on Top Haunts for 2015.


I believe what makes it so thrilling is the real history:
The mini village began around 1800 as the cultivation of Sugar began to take off as a major export from the islands. Thousands of workers from all types of ehtnicities flooded into Waipahu. Filipinos, Chinese, Puerto Ricans, Portuguese, Japanese, and Koreans were the majority of immigrants – This is why many locals are a variety of these ethnicities. Rarely will you find a person that was born and raised here with only two ethnic backgrounds. Over the years, as workers of different backgrounds spent their lifetimes together, many traditions combined which created a unique and one of a kind culture seen out here in modern day Hawaii. Moving forward, with thousands of workers flooding in and poor working environment of the 1800’s and 1900’s, many deaths were no doubt expected. Worker rebellion, work accidents, and murder were common throughout the span of one hundred years of plantation.

This brings us to today’s historic plantation:
Although still in use as a botanical garden it also serves as a living museum. (A great visit for family and tourists)
This little village is made up more than a dozen houses which were home to the immigrants that worked the fields and are still considered haunted today (some more than others).
Over the course of a decade, approximately 30 actors/actresses have quit. They literally walked off the village during a haunted tour due to ominous spirits. Some accounts are that the actors were either touched, “blown” on, pushed, have had their hair pulled, or were choked, all while waiting for guests to arrive. Actors here are not allowed to touch you, so if you feel a little tingle, it may be from one of the sprits. Spooky.

“It’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s the whole village.” -Haunted Plantation
“We don’t build houses, ours are already haunted!” -Haunted Plantation
Haunted plantation is held at the “Hawaii’s Plantation Village” in Waipahu. If you are interested to hear hear more scary stories about this plantation, they also offer ghost story telling for $13 per admission at 7pm and 8:30pm. Space is limited for the ghost story telling, only 30 spots available for each tour.

This is the entrance to the haunted village. Yes, it’s through those dark tunnels! Pitch. Black. Tunnel. Starts off great if you ask me.


Each house has a different theme and each person is dressed in different costumes. Everywhere we looked there was something to make us shiver! Although each house had a theme and story, it actually happened too fast to process. In all honesty, so much commotion was going on as these actors, dressed like the one pictures above, were screaming, yelling, and talking. All we wanted to do was get the hell out! If that weren’t enough, some of these people would follow you through more than one house and end up popping up through a window or door to scare you in the next.

A few awesome, scary moments (SPOILERS):

The double whammy – as we exited one house and used the the sidewalk to enter through another, one creature came running at us from the ground up dragging something on the ground (sounded like sandpaper or metal, like our legs were about to get taken out). After we saw that and picked up the pace we entered the house, only to be greeted by a pitch black figure (I mean EVERYTHING on this person was black, we couldn’t see their face.) just standing in the corner, suddenly lunging toward us without noise. If that wasn’t enough, a person hanging from the roofs scaffolding dropped down immediately in our blind spot and let out a chilling scream. That one got us for sure.

Entering another home, a clown stared on with his head cocked side ways and immediately slammed the ground with his foot hitting metal bar against a center metal pole making a VERY loud sound.

Finally, a favorite feature would be the crawlers. These actors and actresses would creep slowly on the ground as we followed the path through the houses. They were scattered throughout and growled, hissed, and lunged as we walked passed.

Funny story: Mary accidentally stepped on one of these actresses’ fingers but the actress followed through with a belching, high pitch scream all while staying in character. Phenomenal performance. Some actors are even legitimately paid professionals.

Being the first haunted experience in Hawaii, we can say we highly recommend the plantation. Parking was easy and abundant. The waiting area also has many tables that seats haunt enthusiasts. Although many seats are available, Haunted Plantation is quite popular and gets busy – Long lines and sold out tickets. My advice is to go early or have someone pick up the tickets as soon as it opens.

Watch the Haunted Plantation 2015 teaser!

Haunted Plantation
94-695 Waipahu St.
Waipahu, HI 96797
(808) 783- 8381

Dates: October 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31. 2 tours a night at 7pm and 8:30pm.

Price: $15 General admission, $20 Fast pass, VIP front of the line access $30.

Tip: Not for children under 13, children under 16 need adult supervision. All tickets are non refundable!

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For more information about Haunted Plantation, visit here.

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