I can’t tolerate a messy suitcase so this is the first time I am using something to stay organized. It’ll be one of the best investments you make for travel preparation! Not sure why I haven’t thought of purchasing it before.


Mumi traveling packing cubes are available in different colors (Gray, Aqua, Yellow, Orange & Pink). It’s $44 for 5 Traveling Packing Cubes. Toiletry packing cubes are also available which comes in 3 cubes (3pcs: 7x4x2” / 10x7x2” / 11x9x2”), this one cost $34.  Mumi makes things easier by helping you organize and in turn, minimize your possessions used for traveling! From clothes to accessories, it helps in regulation of your items. Either for a weekend getaway or long-haul travel, these compartments will revolutionize the way you explore the world.



Traveling Packing Cubes in Pink (5pcs: 10×10 x 4” / 12x7x3” / 15x11x3” / 15x15x4” / 20x14x5”). With a variety of sizes, mumi cubes are fantastic for packing any size travel bag. It also maximizes luggage space and manages clutter while traveling.

Take a look at my Mumi traveling packing cubes..


This is eight days worth of clothes packed into these little travel cubes. I’m amazed at how much clothes can fit in these little things!


From my experience, you can definitely fit more clothes inside the packing cubes by rolling the items. I like to put my outfits together prior to traveling, making sure I have enough for my trip. No one wants to repeat the exact outfits, yikes! Also, I plan my outfits accordingly due to what is on the itinerary.

As you can see in my packing cubes, I separate things by categories such as undergarments, hair accessories, scarves, bottoms, and tops. Staying organized while traveling definitely helps me have a clear mind and I don’t have to waste time looking for what I need.

This is one of the best travel items I can recommend. I absolutely love that you can use Mumi in many different ways. I hope this helped you stay organized for your next travel!

How do you stay organized while traveling?

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“If you know how to pack, you know how to live. If you pack lighter, you live lighter.”
– Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF)


  1. I love it! I’m about to travel for a year and I’m preparing for my trip. this is great tip! thanks for sharing. Nobel