Our first full day in Las Vegas was spent walking around the strip and ended up at the Miracle Mile Shops. It is located at Planet Hollywood. Inside the shopping area, we had lunch at a quaint little shack called Lobster Me.


Lobster Me is a small chain with two locations in Las Vegas: Planet Hollywood and The Venetian. It’s a fast food type restaurant since you order and find an available table of your choosing (There is no hostess to sit you). Tables are first come first serve. When we arrived, there were no tables available, which is an alleviating sign in retrospect because that meant their food was good!

dsc00209-2The menu is easy, fast, and not overwhelming, which I like. Everything is centered around lobster which makes it much easier to order as well.

The beverage selection has a variety to choose from. They offer beer, bloody mary, cider, iced tea, lemonade and fountain sodas. We went with a raspberry lemonade, sprite, and coke.

Chowder Fries was our first order; it’s fries smothered in lobster chowder. It was delicious and perfect to share between everyone!

As for my meal, I went with the Connecticut Lobster Roll (it was hard to choose from the menu as I wanted everything)! It had melted butter on lobster and chives and OH MY IT WAS DELICIOUS! Each roll is served with fries or homemade chips and coleslaw. For $19, I don’t mind having this every day! It tasted so fresh (not with a fishy aftertaste). This dish was absolutely phenomenal!

One of my friends went with The Cajun roll, which is served with cajun mayo and spices. I’m not into spicy food and this definitely had a spice to it! Perfect for those who like spicy food. Also, she opted out for the home-made chips which were really fresh, crunchy and delicious! I would recommend getting the chips instead of the fries as it’s something different and more likely healthier.

Overall, everything tasted amazing! As much as we were all full after our Lobster Rolls, I wish we ordered more on the menu. I’d certainly come back to Lobster Me when we’re in town.

For more information on Lobster Me, visit here.
Lobster Me Social Media: Instagram and Facebook.

Lobster Me at Planet Hollywood
3663 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 435
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702-LOBSTER (702-562-7837)

Check out our vlog during first two days in Vegas which features a few clips of Lobster Me:




  1. Looks amazing! How long has it been there for? I’ve been to Vegas a few times and can’t remember ever seeing it at Planet Hollywood, and their buffet is my favourite so I go there every time. Will have to find it next time!

  2. The food looks Wonderful! I love the the photos, it makes me hungry just looking at them. I’ll make sure I pay them a visit next time I’m in Las Vegas.

  3. I’ve never really considered Las Vegas as a stop for a foodie but given the amount of spends floating around, I guess there must be a few top-notch restaurants. And as a serious lover of seafood and in particular lobster, this looks simply incredible. Your shots did a really great job of looking it look unbelievably succulent and you’ve just reminded me, it’s lunch time!

  4. Thanks for introducing the new food chain. They haven’t reached Bangalore yet.
    Seeing the pics I have this urge to try them out at the first opportunity. 🙂

  5. I remember when I went to Boston I ate lobsters in every meal I could, they were so good! And not as expensive as in Italy, for sure!
    Las Vegas instead is a city I actually find no interest in visiting, too “fun faire” like, I can’t imagine myself there eheh

  6. All your photos are beautifully delicious! It’s great how cheap it is too. I’ve never been to Las Vegas but now I know where I’ll go for lunch. I’ve had lobster in Rhode Island and it was great so I’d definitely try a lobster roll!

  7. We love Lobsters a lot and a place which keeps lobsters on a pedestal is welcome indeed. This place is something that we’ll definitely visit after reading your review. Check out this Seafood festival at one of Crowne Plaza Hotels.

  8. Lobster Me reminded me of similar restaurants in The Venetian when we visited Macau. Macau is known as the Las Vegas of the east and you can find clones of much of the restaurants and casinos in Las Vegas. I was reminded of our own lunch in similar ambience in Macau, last year.

  9. NIce takes on the food! The beverages just got me and I’d like to have them like right now. Would definitely love to try their fries too.

  10. This s a Great dscovery. I generally thnk of Vegas as the one about casinos and more casinos. But this looks lke a more homely place to grab a peaceful bite. Even the fries look better than McDs.

  11. OMG look at the food! It’s super cool and looks super delicious! I never thought of Las Vegas as a food destination, but I will make time to explore Las Vegas for its food.

  12. Haven’t been to Vegas, but I must say the casinos and the area around should really offer more delicious food. So nice discovery you have here! Not really a fan of lobsters, but would like to eat them once in a while. That cajun roll would be something I’d try.

  13. The food looks delicious. Specially the Cajun roll. Would definitely love to visit the shack. Great photos. Thanks for the details.

  14. AMAZING! The food looks incredible, especially the Cajun roll. Will definitely check it out if I visit Vegas. The prices also are quite good considering the amount of food!

  15. This looks like an interesting place to eat! I like that it is centered around something specific especially that it is an interesting choice like the lobster which gives the fast food chain a cool edgy and is probably a reason why people are visiting it and it is always full. Would be curious to see how many things you can have with lobster. The fries look delicious!

  16. Those Chowder Fries seem delectable!
    What a post, who knew Vegas was a culinary paradise!
    Thanks for this gem of a post (and making me hungry!)!

  17. First I saw lobster and was jealous. Then I saw those fries and was even more jealous. The roll looks amazing too! Great find.

    P.S. what plugin/widget do you use for IG on the footer? It looks great!

  18. I spent my 30th birthday in Vegas but I wish i would have known about this place. I love Lobster and you can’t beat an affordable menu like that. Great food find!

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