Along booking our lovely accommodation at the beautiful Honua Kai Resort & Spa, TravelChic World also reserved the Wanderlustyle family a spot on a seafaring adventure with Quicksilver Charters. It would become the highlight of this quick trip!

Our Destination: Molokini

The Tour began early on the docks of Lahaina. Instead of taking the Quicksilver vessel, we boarded what seemed to be a newer boat, to its small fleet, named Calypso. After signing some standard waivers before boarding, we ate some breakfast: eggs, muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, fresh orange juice, locally brewed coffee and much more.  By 7:30AM, we were leaving the dock, headed into open water toward Molokini Crater.

The calm ride took approximately 45 minutes. In transit, you are sized up with available wet suits (extra cost), fins, and snorkels (included).


We’ve visited Molokini Crater before multiple times, but this was the first time we documented the experience to share. That being said, it was by far the best time we had at the islet. The waters were clear for up to 30 meters/ 100 feet underwater making visible all the marine life. Most of the fish we saw were black triggerfish but we also saw a moray eel in the reef, chilling above its home in the crevices. You have the potential to see up to 250 different marine species, and from time to time, harmless reef sharks. With its clear waters and abundant aquatic life, Molokini is a top dive and scuba spot in the world.

Landon jumping off the second deck, about 4 meters/ 15 feet high, into Molokini’s crystal clear waters!
Reid jumping off the second deck, about 4 meters/ 15 feet high, into Molokini’s crystal clear waters!


Sliding into Molokini’s crystal clear waters!

If snorkeling gets too boring for you, the Calypso also offers a jumping platform on the second deck or two slides with the cushion of the Pacific Ocean being your safety net.


As mentioned before, snorkel gear is provided. Fins, goggles, snorkel and flotation noodles are available free of charge. Wetsuits, camera gear (GoPro), and a new form combining snorkeling and scuba diving called ‘snuba’ are available for purchase.


From our experience, other boats usually only have one or two ladders, causing long lines that wrap around the vessel. With six ladders leading into the ocean, the Calypso eliminates the congestion of human traffic or any long waiting times. It’s effortless to get in and out of the water thanks to multiple access points.

Tip: Keep track of where you are.

Stay within the area of your boat because there will be other boats and hundreds of people in the water. It can get confusing. If you are confused, keep a lookout for individuals on surfboards – they are lifeguards from your home boat to keep track of everyone and their safety.


Fish seen here: Black Triggerfish.
Free diving fun on Molokini’s reef.






Some history of Molokini:

Molokini was once part of a greater land mass called Maui Nui – the combination of Moloka’i, Kaho’olawe, Molokini, and Lana’i. Over the course of millions of years of erosion, melting glaciers and earthquakes, Molokini is now a collapsed volcano that was once a steam outlet for the Haleakala volcano. It is now a colorful, lively reef of hundreds of aquatic life, and a national bird sanctuary making landing prohibited unless authorized. During World War II, it was used as a second target Isle (the first being Koho’olawe). The island’s landmass has lost 40% of its original size due to the bombardment. The reason for the target practice was because it resembled a WWII battleship.




This is the backside of Molokini; An example of the bombardment from American forces during World War II: Nature did not cause the holes and jagged edges.


Unfortunately, after snorkeling, jumping, and sliding all day, we didn’t get a chance to visit Turtle Beach due to adverse swell conditions. However, the crew told us turtles (honu) do appear on Molokini’s reef from time to time. Also, during the peak winter season, Humpback Whales could be seen breaching to and from Molokini. Dolphins also pop up from time to time as well!


Breakfast, Lunch, shaded eating areas, snorkel gear and the almost unlimited opportunity to have fun on Molokini’s waters is quite possible the best thing you can do while visiting Maui. TravelChic World and the Calypso nailed any one’s “bucket list adventure in Maui”. Thank you to TravelChic for setting up our activity!

Every time we visit Maui, Molokini is slotted in there. We recommend any first timers to Maui to make the visit to the Molokini. It is more than worth it! Even if your day isn’t as clear as when we visited, luckily, it is still absolutely breathtaking in more ways than just the snorkeling aspect. To be honest, there are better places to snorkel throughout Hawaii State/Maui. The reefs at Molokini are still recovering from 1. Over usage (many tourists and boat traffic there) 2. It varies on the weather on how nice your encounter will be (which can’t always be planned) and 3. Although, teeming with aquatic life, there are many of the same fishes which can become a bore for an advanced diver.

Lastly, massive shout out to the Captain & Crew of the Calypso. Unlike many other tours we have been on, they were the first crew not to bombard its guest with “tip” announcements; it was reserved for the final moments just before we docked. Thank you for that – you all deserve the best tips!

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Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle experienced this tour thanks to TravelChic World. All our opinions are honest. Mahalo!


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