DSC06317The perfect place to choose how you want to experience Kaua’i! Kaua’i Backcountry Adventures offers tubing and/or ziplining. We opted with a nontraditional activity, Mountain Tubing. Easily located approximately 8 minutes from the airport, it’s easy to get a quick adventure in for that one last activity or the first activity to start your vacation off right!

There is sufficient parking for all types of vehicles so that’s always a plus in making things easier. After parking and checking-in, we we’re given waivers to sign, helmets with flashlight, and gloves followed by a safety briefing. We arrived early but as soon as the tour group signed the papers and the briefing was complete, we all moved to a bus transport shortly after, with no waiting around.

DSC06314This is a sample size of the tube when you walk-in. Perfect size for everyone!

DSC06320On our way to tubing, the tour guides were very knowledgeable of the surrounding area (not just the property we were on but about all of Kaua’i) and shed light on what we were looking at. We took a detour and exited the vehicles for a quick walk around with this amazing view in display. This is Mount Waialeale – one of the wettest place on Earth and at one point in history, labeled the wettest spot in the world before other recent discoveries due to advancement in technology and climate change.


GOPR3411After a 15 minute drive, we got to our destination where the real fun began, mountain tubing!


G0103454It’s the most rejuvenating thing you will ever do! Here we are waiting by the start line for everyone to get on their tubes.



G0143568I don’t want to spoil the fun for you readers who would love to do this. The tour guides will give the run down of historical significance of why these waterways were created but to sum it up – it was for the agricultural purpose of sugarcane, one of Hawaii’s biggest export in the past.


G0163659Minor white water rushing was sprinkled throughout the tour pumping our adrenaline.

G0163664Tunnels. Pitch black tunnels! This was cool as all you hear is the water roaring you through this dark tunnel way and you are just at the will of the current. It was really relaxing and made you feel alive above all else, which is what we’re here on this Earth for anyway, right!?

G0193789This tubing adventure is great for all ages, young and adult. It is very relaxing and if you do it right, you’ll barely get wet, other than getting in and out of the water. There’s a lot more stories that I’ll leave out as I feel that would spoil the tour for people wanting to go and maybe it’s just bad publicity if I state everything that happened. We really enjoyed it as it was very different. Great time for family bonding and great experience. Our tour guides were awesome, educational, and easy to talk to. Get out to Kaua’i and get adventuring with Kauai Backcountry Adventures.

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